The Horus X10S Express is one of the best surface RC Radio Transmitter on the market. It is going to impress any RC enthusiast who analyzes each detail of this Frsky Transmitter. With it, you can control your devices the best and the fastest transmission rate, while having the lowest latency in the market.

The X10S Express features amazing characteristics, one of them being a colored LCD screen through which you can access customize themes, widgets, custom layouts, colored photos of the aircraft and customize icons. It also includes a smart battery compartment door, telemetry, bay module, and 3 antennas.

Another reason this transmitter also stands out for is its updated ACCESS protocol and some great hardware adjustments. It supports Bluetooth connection with the FrSky Free Link iOS app for real-time PID adjustment, HR changes, aircraft configuration, and real-time aircraft data. This radio is suitable for any needs pilots may have. It is an updated version and it will surprise you.

Pleasant design

Well, why would anyone choose the Frsky Horus X10 S Express radio controller? Being one of the best RC Radio Transmitters, the X10S model has many advantages in its new version and plenty of incredible updates.

The first thing anyone notices about this transmitter is its one of a kind design. It comes in three different front plate options: silver, amber and carbon fiber. The Silver model has a clean and timeless look to it, able to please any pilot. The carbon fiber model looks highly technological and resistant. The amber model is really unique, with a deep green front-plate and beautiful copper colored details.


Components and Usage

The X10S Express radio transmitter has 3 antennas: two located in the inner part of its body and another one that is removable by hand. The pilot can choose to use the internal, external, or both at the same time, which gives great flexibility, safety and the possibility of expanding your signal even further.

One of the highlights of the Horus X10S Express is the fact that all of its gimbals have CNC machined aluminum parts, with higher accuracy ten bearings Hall Sensor, which allows for more speed and agility in its controls and allows greater controllability. In addition, it features screw adjustments, presenting the user the choice to adjust the stick ends to get them in the most comfortable position to fly.

Another feature that the X10S Express presents, and will surprise even more experienced pilots, is the connectivity via Bluetooth to mobile devices with FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S. This innovation allows you to access all your data in real-time. Another novelty is the PARA wireless training function, which allows to connect (wirelessly) this transmitter to an instructor one.

Its colored LCD screen is 480 pixels by 272 pixels wide. The FrSky HORUS X10S Express is not only one of the best surface RC radio transmitters, with an amazing design, it is also functional, but the screen with the dimensions mentioned also is large and comfortable to use during flight, with its adjustable brightness. It displays all the necessary information for your flight.

The battery access is an intelligent and safe compartment, with the battery being an improved version of 2600 2, operating at 7.2 volts. It provides 7 hours of battery life with this transmitter, allowing it to fly your RC models all afternoon.

And two last features included that are worth mentioning: the customer can take advantage of, when using the X10S Express, the expansion of up to 32 channels and 8 external switches.

Evolving to impress the users

As Frsky is aligned with customers that buy from HorusRC, the Horus X10S Express Transmitter features two MC12P gimbals of the highest quality. They go perfectly along with the entire aluminum radio, making it a more refined and more resistant equipment.

Another life-changing improvement in this version is the battery charge. In the X10S Express there is no longer a need to have a part to fit the source, the battery can be plugged normally in the radio.

The best surface RC radio transmitter in the market was designed considering the comfort of the customers during flight. The design with a rubber finish on the back serves to give a firmer grip to the pilot. On top of all that, every finishing detail was thought and elaborated to give more quality to the clients.