There’s no doubt that the drone industry has grown to develop FPV drones for different objectives - to be used for military reasons, for video filming, for acrobatics maneuvers and etc - but what if I told you that a whoop could have the best characteristics in different categories together, being the best value FPV drone available in the market? BETAFPV 85X HD is the drone that joins quality materials, versatility, and the best cost-benefit ever.

This drone comes with a camera that allows amazing in-flight videos with an HD resolution and powerful motorization that guarantees smoother flights. BETAFPV 85X HD is a great option for those who want a high-quality video-recording for the lowest price in the market, as you can check on

In addition to its great resolution filming, this drone is compact and lightweight, which makes it perfect for being a racing drone or for doing acrobatics, as it fits through small places, making the flying experience even cooler.

Rigid structure

The great filming quality relies not only on the camera capacity. The drone design was developed to guarantee good stability in the air, ensuring that the propellers will not reduce the recording resolution. Because of that, the whoop structure is modified, in order to obtain the cleanest images.

 BETAFPV 85X HD has a frame stiffener brace which is made of carbon fiber, a high quality and resistant material. This carbon fiber brace connects all motors making the structure resistant and light, improving its flight characteristics and preventing the instability caused by too much power and punch when the whoop is flying.

The fuselage plays the main role in this drone: it makes the drone stable, but at the same time is flexible, protecting the electrical part of the drone and the props from knocks against any obstacle and being capable of absorbing energy during a crash, protecting the drone camera. There’s no need for any soldering or tinkering on the fuselage, the drone comes ready to fly.

The blue propellers and canopy are unique and enhance the drone’s appearance. Also, the updated version has a 3d printed new micro canopy that fits the camera perfectly, allowing the pilot to change its position, but keeping it safe.


All lightweight

By taking a close look at BETAFPV 85X HD, you can see that the fuselage was not the only part designed with the best products and realize that it was all thought to be light in its entirety. The whoop weighs 80 g without battery, which makes this drone also perfectly suitable for FPV racing.

It comes with an upgraded 1105 motor from 6000 KV to 5000 KV, which is light but delivers extreme power and speed to fly on 4S. For an ideal fit with the fuselage, it is highly recommended that you use the battery BETAFPV 450 mAh 4S lipo, but the pilot could also use their own batteries with the adjustment of a battery strap.

The miniature and also the lightweight design of the C01 Pro camera weights at only 2 g, with high resolution and 1/3" CMOS sensor, which ensures a high-quality and clear image.


Pilot as if you were on the cockpit

The FPV enriches the flying experience promoting tons of fun. Due to the good quality camera, you can fly in colors, with a good resolution, enjoying the flight as if you were in the cockpit.


4S power

The new version of this best value drone supports 4S power, owing to the change in the motorization system. Every individual part, such as the FC, the ESC, and the motor, was updated.

For example, for the F4 V2 FC, BETAFPV has provided four extra pluggable ports to connect with an ESC, a VTX, an RX, and an LED board, with convenient installation, decreasing the dislocated PIN mounting.

Furthermore, with the 16A BLHeli_32 ESC faster input signals with lower latency and higher update rates are possible due to the increase in processing power. All the soldering processes were done with a 25V/220uf electrolytic capacitor, to reduce the defective rate caused by the instantaneous high voltage.

Where to buy it?

If by this point you are asking yourself where to find BETAFPV 85X HD, you should know that you can purchase it on, HorusRC’s webshop, for only $199,99. It is an astonishing cost-benefit!