In today's article we are going to talk about the new beta fpv Beta 75x HD drone. A very interesting and fun drone inside your little one, to fly both indoors and outdoors. The quality of its fpv camera which is the cadxx turtlhe v2 with dvr is excellent. Next I will detail its main characteristics.


We start talking about the frame

The frame measures 75mm diagonally between the motor axes and is slightly larger than the 65mm eachine models, so the larger the size, the greater the stability of this small multirotor. It incorporates a very nice canopy in an intense blue color, which is the typical color of the beta fpv brand. This has the mission to protect the electronics of the drone and also protect the fpv camera,

Electronic fc + esc

This small quad incorporates a f411 controller board that measures 26 * 26mm, this controller also has the receiver integrated by the spi system, there are several receiver options available that are frsky xm +, futaba, dsmx and flysky and this board only weighs 5.6grams

It incorporates 12A inverters that support a current of 2-4s and are compatible with blheli s software

 Video transmitter.

The beta 75x hd incorporates a variable power video transmitter from 25mw to 200mv that incorporates 6 bands and 8 channels per band and also includes the raceband band. It also incorporates the Smart audio system to be able to change the channel, band and power from the station and you can also play all the betaflight parameters using this system.

 Caddx turthle v2 fpv camera

 It has a video resolution: 720 and 1080P, 2MP image resolution, incorporates CMOS Sensor, has Flight OSD, possibility of switching between selectable NTSC / PAL, FPV FOV 155º, Recording 170º

 Compatible propellers

It uses 4-bladed 40mm propellers and they have a 1.5mm hole to attach them to the drone shaft, they are manufactured by the gemfan company


It incorporates about 1103 8000KV motor with quick connector to facilitate the change in case of breakdown or breakage. These support 2 to 4 cell battery


The manufacturer of the beta 75x hd incorporates a battery of 300mha at 3s (11.1v) and a discharge rate of 45c. my favorite battery brands are tattu and brutepower these 2 brands have very good quality and price.



The beta 75x hd multirotor seems to me to be a very interesting device since being a small drone that has protected propellers, it makes it a drone suitable to be handled by anyone and does not require long experience to be able to handle it, too. I really like that your caddx turthle camera has a built-in dvr board and is capable of recording at 1080p quality. I will add two suggestions from my point of view.

1- If the propellers instead of 4 blades we put 3 the drone will not be so agile but we will win in flight time.

2- I would put a 500mha battery since it doesn't weigh too much and it would give us a longer flight time

Like a racing drone, it is fully configurable through betaflight, from flight modes, failsafe, transmitter channels, signal band and vtx power. It also incorporates the osd that through the screen of our fpv glasses indicates the duration of the flight, the battery voltage, the milliamps consumed. video channel and many other data of interest