The drone market is becoming increasingly popular and, in it, the BETAFPV 85X family stands out, counting with powerful models, with excellent cost-benefit and that fit in the palm of your hand. In this line, the BETAFPV 85X FPV Whoop Quadcopter 4S built-in FrSky receiver draws attention for being the cheapest while maintaining the standard quality of the set.

Despite the BETAFPV 85X FPV's compact design and low price, it has an impressive powertrain that, with the recommended batteries, achieves excellent flight times compared to models of the same size. Not to mention that it has a good quality camera, ideal for an immersive first-person view (FPV) experience, especially for beginners looking for their first drone to get into the hobby.

 Go get yours now! It can be purchased for just $ 159.00 at, HorusRC online shop. Moreover, as you might have already guessed, you’ll be getting an additional FrSky Receiver, the XM+ / RXSR.


First impressions

Upon the first contact with the BETAFPV 85X FPV Whoop Quadcopter 4S built-in FrSky receiver, we can already see that it is an extremely compact and lightweight drone, with a beautiful and modern design. It weighs just under 62 g without batteries, that weigh around 50 g. The distance between diagonally located motors is 85 mm, which is impressive considering the product's outstanding features.

With the main body and propellers in blue and its mainframe in white, matching nicely with the other details of the structure and black engine, the 85X FPV is another perfect illustration of the consolidated design seen in BETAFPV drones, but with some colors particularities that make it even more beautiful.

When flying for the first time, you will notice that this drone is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very powerful and versatile. The 85X FPV manages to combine the speed and maneuverability required for outdoor flights (ideal for FPV immersion) with the control and lightness required for indoor flights.


Engines and electrical parts

The powertrain of the BETAFPV 85X FPV Whoop Quadcopter consists of four 1105 5000KW engines and four EMAX Avan 2" 4-Blades propellers with 1.5mm shaft holes. To power all this, 4S 75C batteries of 450mAh and 14.8V are recommended. With this battery, the product's performance is maximized and it can even be used in races or freestyle.

The electrical part, in turn, is composed of an ESC BLHeli_32 of 16A and flight controller F405 V2.0. There are also inputs to plug in RX, VTX, ESC, and LED sets. All electrical components are organized in order to optimize the use of the little space available due to the small size of the product, maintaining excellent performance.

The BETAFPV 85X FPV was built with the FrSky XM + receiver, which means that the product connects easily with any FrSky transmitter, having excellent controllability mainly for an outdoor experience with FPV, but also having good control indoors. In both environments, in a smooth flight, the set of engines and batteries allows flights  in a 4 to 6 minutes range.


Structure and Camera

The mainframe is made of a high-quality material and, in this model, there is also a carbon fiber rod that makes it resist all the disturbances during flight. It also has a specific slot for placing an LED if the user wants to improve further the flying experience. The rest of the structure, the canopy, is made of PC (polycarbonate plastic), which is very resistant and will certainly withstand all efforts.

The Betafpv 85X FPV comes equipped with a customized Caddx EOS2, a camera that meets all the requirements for a great FPV experience. It has a vertical opening of 30° and a horizontal opening of 100° - 120° with an aspect ratio of 4: 3 and a frequency of 5.8GHz for first person immersion. Here, structure and camera are integrated, guaranteeing the quality of the footage with a stable flight.



Low cost

Finally, with all these benefits, the BETAFPV 85X FPV drone is the best that the market has to offer for its price range (only $ 159.00 on for those who want to start immersing themselves in FPV flying or simply having fun doing maneuvers. All this while still enjoying its already mentioned compact, beautiful and modern design. It is, therefore, one of the best cost-benefits available on the market.