BetaFPV beta 75X 2s is of the amazing inventions that the BETAFPV firm has come with. The drone is a beast when flying and has some unique features. If you're a beginner or an expert, this is the drone for you. Plus, it is ideal for the urban jungle due to its size and efficiency. This refers to the central parks, street walks, among others.

Moreover, flying requires a license, unlike large toys, which requires many permits. Form the high-intensity Cree light to the Amateur Radio License. If you are looking to enjoy the fullness of your drone, Beta 75X 2s is the device for you. In this article, we will offer you an honest review of the aircraft and what to expect from it.  


BETAFPV is a drone firm that has been in the drone business for quite some time. The company is known for producing FPV racing drones and recreational drones. The firm produced quadcopter drones that are fit for pilots who are hooked to their toys. The aircraft requires minimal effort when flying since it has a simple controller. Their devices combine style and technology to offer you powerful and high performing drones.

Did you know the firm specialized in the production of micro quadcopters or whoops? This is because micro drones are the best training toys for beginners. Plus, the kwads are not heavily regulated globally, which creates a ready market for their products. 

To ensure you enjoy your whoop to the fullest, the firm also produces accessories that you can use to repair your damaged plane. Moreover, their products are fully warranted against defects, which promises you value for money.

Beta 75X 2s Tiny Whoop Review

We understand that you have come by multiple reviews about the Beta 75X 2s drone. Some of them are true, while others are not. For this reason, we are providing you with a comprehensive and honest review of the kwad. This after our capable team has tested and proven the drone is ideal for you.


The quad comes with a single BetaFPV 2s 350Mah battery and an extra set of propellers. This will be used in case the initial ones bend or even get destroyed. The flight time is 2 minutes and a half.

When it comes to the frame and the design of the lane, you'll love it. The frame is sturdy to protect the airplane's inner and delicate parts in case of a crash.

Additionally, the frame has a slot between the Flight Controller (FC) and the battery tray where the receiver sits. The kwad can also be connected to your laptop using the USB port, and the device has more power. 

On the other, hand the camera mount comes fully equipped, which is at a 30- degree angle. This guarantees you won't stare at the ground when flying at a high speed. The camera offers you high-resolution images, whether in the dark or light. When it comes to the VTX, the range is remarkable as it can transmit at 25mw and 200mw. Hence one can use it for long-range whooping and still expect the same results. 

This is backed up with an HD camera installed on the plane. This gives one first-person view, which is in real-time and in high resolution. Besides that, the micro quadcopter is equipped with a current sensor to adjust the video transmitter with remote control. This is done through OSD active with SmartAudio. The radio receiver is available in Flysky, FrSky EU-LBT, DSMX, FrSky Non-Eu.


The Beta 75x also comes with a pre-installed Betaflight program. Hence, before loading PX4 firmware, one must first install the PX4 bootloader. This is a flight controller board on the device which offers you effective performance. Once the installation is complete, the next step would be to connect the drone to QGroundControl through a USB cable.

Final word

BetaFPV beta 75x 2s Tiny Whoop is one of the best racing drones in the market. Though it has a 2 minute and a half flight time, it has a lot to offer. Plus, it's the most powerful kwad compared to the previous vision. Moreover, the drone is ideal for beginners since it is simple to control and operate. Not forgetting the limited regulations you stand to enjoy.