The BetaFPV family continues to grow and this can be seen from the launch of their new product. BetaFPV beta 75X HD is the new member added to the family and has some of the most amazing features. The drone takes the same features as the 75X but it is more advanced and uses a hybrid HD and FPV model. 

Yes, the drone has advanced features that will give you an ultimate piloting experience. For, this reason we are going to talk about the amazing features. After reading this article the device  shall be your preferred toy.

 BetaFPV beta 75x HD

Though BetaFPV beta 75x HD has the same features as the 75x. However, Beta75x HD is a beast that has a lot of power and performance perfectly. Let’s look at the features the device has to make it irresistible and a beast for pilots.     


  • True acro performance in a whoop

The BetaFPV 75x is a brand that introduces a new era of the 3S whoop drones. The manufacturers improved the power-to-weight ratio. This, in turn, gives you a real acro flight just like in a large quadcopter which makes it convenient, quiet, and safe. This shows how powerful the drone is when in the air.

  • Superb Video

The drone has been built with high-resolution videos that assure you of clear footage. Plus, the high definition DVR recordings with the Caddx turtle V2 on the Beta75X HD version makes your videos superb. The Caddx Turtle V2, a 1200TVL model for the “First Person View” (FPV) part. The components make it possible for the camera to record 1920 * 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second. The camera is also free from vibration to guarantee beautiful HD images and videos.       

Moreover, the video is transmitted on a 5.8 GHz 48 –channel model. The model can transmit at 25mW or even 200mW when outdoors or indoor. This means you receive the same high-quality footage regardless of the place you are flying your drone.

The manufactures even incorporated current sensors on the beast to enable on to adjust the video transmitter with remote control. This is done through the OSD active with a SmartAudio. There is, no need to land the airplane to adjust the camera to capture an image. 

  • Dialed–in–tuning

For effective fight control, the firm has used a high-performance STM32F411CEU6 processor flight controller board. But that’s not all, they have fused the processor with BETAFPV411 which makes the drone a beast when in the air. Hence, you’ll fly the aircraft like a pro though you are a beginner. 

  • Frame

There comes a time when the device might hit an object or even crash. However, when using the Beta75x you won’t have to worry about it getting destroyed. This is because of the custom made frame which is tough and agile. Moreover, the frame is light which won’t interfere with your drone’s altitude.   

  • Flight time and bright lights

The model uses engineers powered with a 300 mAh 3S battery. This gives 2.5 minutes of flight. When it comes to lights one can use an LED strip that is perfect at night. 


  • Its affordable and has a sleek design
  • The HD camera provides one with clear footage 
  • The device has an excellent power to weight ratio


  • Some costumers gave complained about the 3S battery modification. It does not work properly 


BetaFPV 75X HD is an amazing drone that has remarkable futures compared to the 75x. Those who have used the previous model will love the drone. It gives you clear cut images and videos and can work perfectly outdoors. Plus, the perfect balance of the power and weight ratio makes the drone ideal for any racer. However, before heading out to purchase the device one must consider the price.

There are multiple vendors who sell the toys at different prices which determine the quality. If the drone is cheap then the device will be substandard and won’t serve you for long. Hence, do no rush for cheap product thinking you can cut corners, this is because the result could be dangerous to you and other pilots.