Although many, considering this as a "whoop," you cannot really compare the performance of the BetaFPV Beta 75 to the usual 65mm 1S brushed quad. The Beta 75 Pro is 100% faster, more responsive, and definitely a lot capable than any 1S micro. Although honestly, it looks like a “small whoop,” this aircraft belongs to a separate and higher class.

With its 2S power in an impressive light platform, you can maneuver it to fly like a 5-inch quad.  It will allow you to complete flips, split-S, dives, rolls, and even an inverted yaw spin. It has ample acceleration to create a reasonable hang time so you can enjoy throwing its frame around.

The BetaFPV Beta 75’s stability is impressive even in mild windy conditions, although going beyond 15 mph can be challenging. However, its straight-line speed is impressive.

If you want to up your flying skills, then the Pro 2 is the ideal aircraft for you. You can have a great time experimenting and practicing while polishing your skills. With its top-caliber durability, it is easy to build, which is why this is a hit with newbies and helps overcome any fears they may have of crashing. Practicing with the BetaFPV doesn't mean that you won't crash because you certainly will, but you'll be more confident thanks to the resiliency of the machine.

Note though that it doesn’t exactly feel like a smaller 5” but the expertise can easily be transferred and fully applicable for both.

BetaPFV has its props mounted in the reversion track, believing that this will eradicate high-speed washouts. You will notice that the flight's smoothness is consistent and reliable, even during challenging exercises. The propwashes are barely noticeable, and there's minimal to zero washouts. Even if equipped with smaller motors, the massive weight variance makes up for the difference between this series and the X.

You will like how Beta 75 provides you with consistent and stellar performance thanks to its tiny whoop size. This gives you the opportunity and an entirely different scale of locations to discover. You can take it to settings where bringing a 5" or even a 3"-quad is impossible.

It can seamlessly pass through the beams of an open-beam ceiling, under your furniture, and even between your legs fluidly without any hitch. This gives you that added versatility and extra pleasure. What's best is you can just as easily switch between a hardcore acro flight style and casual flights around your perimeter.


The ducted look of the 75 Pro 2 makes it easy to mistake it for a toy. This, in fact, is a good advantage when asking for consent and permission and even forgiveness when exploring some locations that are not really open to flying. This aircraft doesn't look threatening – again, it seems like a toy, so what kind of harm or damage can it cause? With its appearance, you have a higher chance of staying on the right and approving side of the people's views. You can also use this as an avenue to open race locations that might have disagreed and disapproved should you show an imposing quad that rings alarm bells of danger.

The Pro 2 requires a single battery, and it flies on 1S. In this way, your quad will feel heavier compared to the AcroBee and the 65 Pro. It has the potential to be used on 1S, especially if your flying space is limited, and the full 2S power is a little too much to handle. It is best to keep flying it on 2S but only with a 50% throttle bound. If you do this, you permit your motors to change its speed faster with the responsiveness of a 2S but with a throttle resolution and control of a 1S.

Repairs, Tweaks, and Upgrades

Considering the overall presentation, the betafpv beta 75 can have a better choice of box. The foam liner of the packaging restricts the antenna to rest in its usual position, so providing more space can let your quad be stored and taken out better.

One smart, practical thing about the BetaFPV is all their spare parts can be independently purchased. This makes repairs more convenient, but at the same time, gives you the freedom to procure parts that you want to change or upgrade and even mix and match it with elements from other manufacturers. 

This pleasant surprise for a quad makes you double think about its real capability. It has enough power for both indoors and outdoors. This makes it a real fancy 'toy' for experienced pilots.

BETAFPV as a manufacturer has always tried to provide more choices to its fans and every FPV pilot out there. The Pro series is a stark improvement on all their other product offerings, bringing you quicker, lighter and highly integrated brushless drones.