BETAFPV RTF is a UAVs developed by listening to your needs as a pilot. While new models are coming in the old ones are being faced out, which is driven by consumer desires. The way new models are entering the market is the same way companies are establishing niches.

Though, the firm started four years ago it competitive enough to stay in the market. In this article we are going to learn more about the firm and their products.


BETAFPV is one of the premiere drone firm that was established in 2016. The firm is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. However, the firm has managed to carve a niche for themselves in the global market and still continues to impress.  

The company has specialized in the production of micro quadcopters known as whoops and accessories. The firm can to the decision of producing the drones because they easier for beginner to fly them. Besides that the drones don’t attract heavy restricts and rules compared to the larger drone. Plus one can fly the airplane anywhere and anytime.

This particular move appealed to the masses which created for them a perfect niche to enter the market. They even made their competitors to start thinking about production micro aircrafts.    

BETAFPV RTF products

In this section we’ll discuss some of BETAFPV RTF drones the firm produces. If you’re addicted to quads, then this is your section. Their products incorporate style and technology to give you outstanding performance. Some of them that we have looked at are:

1.BETAFPV RTF Advanced Whoop Kit 2

The aircraft comes with a meteor75 lite for a cool appearance and increased durability. The meteor75 lite protects the drone in case of a crash besides giving the device a sleek design.  To ensure the airplane has a great speed and power, the manufactures have equipped the device with lite 1S Brushless FC.  It’s also has been installed with 1102-18000kv motor and Gemfan 40mm 3-blade propeller.

For those who have used the Ph2.0 connector, it had voltage sag which affected your flight. But with the BETAFPV it comes with the BT2.0 connector that offers you a full piloting experience.

The LiteRadio 2 transmitter has been designed for pilots who love racing. The transmitter is compatible with the Frsky D8 protocol which is easier to use. Plus the hobby-grade and the rubber coat make the transmitter comfortable.  This makes the brand ideal for beginner venturing into this field.

When it comes to the BETAFPV VR01 FPV Goggles it has a 4.3 inches with high resolution. You won’t experience wrapped or blurred images when using the goggles.    


  • It has a sleek design
  • The quad is very stable and fast
  • The drone is affordable and ideal for beginners


  • It’s not durable

2.BETAFPV Beta65s

This is another quadcopter the firm has developed and has amazing features. The drone speaks to consumers who love power and effective handling. The “Ready To Fly” contains all the feature you have ever dreamt of in a quadcopter.

The Beta65S has a 65 mm frame, 31 mm propellers and durable. The frame structure has been designed to protect the delicate interior components in case of a crash. Moreover, the drone controller has been fitted with a modern F4 processor which runs the Betaflight software.

 The feature even allows bone to connect it to a computer and change the settings. Hence, you can change how fast the aircraft responds to your stick inputs. However, the airplane comes with a lockup bug which causes the motor to continue spinning. To ensure it stops you will be required to remove the battery.


  • The drone come with two set of batteries which ensure you have a continuous flight.
  • The BETAFPV comes with a USB port
  • Its durable and has an ergonomic radio
  • Its cheap


  • The FPV goggles are smaller and they have a single-screen box style         

Take Away

BETAFPV RTF planes are the best if you’re in search of a micro quadcopter. The devices are small and can fit anywhere. The firm has produced drones that are ideal for beginners who are looking for toy. Their products are cheap and even come with accessories which you can use to repair your drone.  It doesn’t require a profession since you can Do It Yourself (DIY)