Frsky took a big step to collaborate with various brands to manufacture BNF Frsky Drones and Crafts for people who want to start out, learn and experience it and for those who have little time to spend on this hobby where they don’t want to spend most of their time on Building it.


   How to start out this hobby, sometimes can be a difficult question and it may not be the same for everyone. Some will prefer to Build the craft by going through the research and tutorials where some will save up the time and buy Pre-Built Crafts and learn the things from it by little.


               BNF Frsky Drones are ( Bind and Fly Drones) and clean crafts, tuned and tested where you just need to bind it with your Transmitter and have fun with it. It is helpful for people who want to save most of their time not on building it and for people who don’t want to build their first drone. It is common to encounter problems when you are building a drone for the first time and it will be a pain to troubleshoot it. At such a scenario, a BNF Drone will save up time and pain, But it will take more time to acquire the knowledge you may get by Building and Troubleshooting your first Drone


               The price tag for BNF Frsky Drones is similar to the prices of components used in it, Hence you are not paying anything extra for the build cost, Tuning, or Testing. Moreover, They have a great service team ready at your disposal for any problems you may encounter with it. Here we are going to review some of the Best Frsky BNF Drones that are available in the market and you will not be regretted if spending money for them


               Apus MQ-60 V2


               A whoop sometimes can be a perfect shot to learn things as you can fly indoors and don’t have to go out for fields to fly or test your quadcopter. The FrSky Apus MQ60 V2 Mini Quadcopter is something like that and perfect for the indoor racing enthusiast. This is a micro drone and at the same time a Whoop where you can hold it in your Palm. Apus MQ-60 V1 is discontinued and for the same reason, we are not going through it.





               Apus MQ60 V2 BNF Frsky Quadcopter comes in various colors like Light Clear Grey, Clear Black, Yellow, Orange, and Violet. The Frame is made out of Strong Plastic and it does not bend on crashes. Electronics like Camera, Vtx and Flight Controller is protected by a cool looking Canopy that has a Tail similar to the Bird Apus. Perhaps the name Apus for this Quadcopter might have come from the Bird Apus.

The frame size of this micro drone is 66.5mm which Is a little more than the Frame size of the Tiny Whoop which has a frame size of 65mm. Even though the Propeller size is 31mm which is the same for both these Whoops. It comes with 6x15mm 19000kv Brushed Motors which in fact was an upgrade from the Apus MQ-60 V1. 6x15mm 19000kv makes it a powerful tiny Quadcopter and you will be amazed by its Power.




               It has the FrSky XMF3E Flight Controller where XM Reciever integrated into it. It supports Both Automatic and Manual Binding of integrated Reciever to your Transmitter. That is indeed a cool feature because most of the Integrated Whoop Flight Controllers in the Market have only one of these modes. You can pair it with any of the FrSky Transmitter and Bind it with D16 Mode.


               It has a Camera and VTX integrated into it which makes it perfect for FPV Flying. But remember it does not come with any FPV Goggles, so you have to get a pair of goggles by yourself. The camera is NTSC 672x492 and VTX is a 25mW 26Channel which is more than enough to Fly Indoors and even on Field.


               It is a Pre Tuned and Tested Quadcopter, Therefore you can fly it right out of the box and don’t need to change any parameters in the Betaflight Settings after you bind it with the transmitter. The Default Firmware version is 3.3.0 although you can upgrade it later.


               It comes with a 200mah 3,7v 25C Battery. Most of the BNF Drones don’t come with Batteries. Therefore it is a great thing. The Battery Connector is JST-PH 1.25 and you can buy spare Batteries. You will get around 5 Minutes of Flight Time With the default Battery that comes with it. 220Mah 3.7v 30C (or more C Rating) is best suited for it and you will get 5+ Minutes of Flight Time.




               It is only 59$ for this Whoop and you are getting a Battery and USB Charger along with it. Perhaps it is the Budget Whoop you can get from the Market. Whoops with similar Specifications cost around 100$ and for the same reason, Apus MQ-60 V2 is the best BNF Frsky Whoop you can ever get!


               Apus MQ60 V2 BNF Frsky Quadcopter is a Whoop with many Great Features and it won't break your bank to get one. The great support that comes with it makes it the Perfect whoop you can get and Flying Indoors will not be a dream anymore. Make sure you get a couple of extra batteries and you are good to go!