If you are going to start competing in races, you are going to need now is new setups with high quality components, you probably think that low quality components are better for racing cause you are going to break more, but this is not like that, if you break more is because you are using bad components, that’s why i’m bringing you the best components you should buy for building a fpv racing drone top.

First of all you have to think about the most important part of a drone, this is the frame, the component where all the other components are placed.

Racing pilots search for a frame that has the features of being light, small and also durable, but it’s also important to avoid some issues with tolerances and vibrations of a bad design.

The only one frame that has the requirements for the top quality build fpv racing drone is the flyfive 33 switchback, a super durable and light frame with a good price and the best quality.


One of the newest features of this frame is that it only allows you to use nano cameras, it will help you to have the lowest weight.

Also, for your drone, the center of all the electric components is the flight controller and esc, have a nice esc is so important, there are sometimes that you need to go full throttle and the amperes draw start growing, so you need a esc that support a high ampere value that consume your motors.

My recommendation of  esc and flight controller for your top build fpv racing drone is the HGLRC stack zeus f745.


This stack have all you need, this is perfect for the switchback frame, it is 20x20mm of size and it’s so light, the esc is a 45a 4in1 esc that support every racing motor and this stack includes the 20x20 zeus f722, a small flight controller with high quality components, a good filtering and a good gyro, this is also perfect for have a nice flying quad, so you have to buy this for build fpv racing drone.

Before I mentioned that on the switchback frame you only can use nano cameras.

A good fpv camera is so important for having the perfect vision when you are flying, so the camera needs to be the best camera with a good vision in all weather conditions and also is so important to have the lowest latency.

The best choice for me is the runcam racer nano 2, it will give you the perfect vision for your fastest build fpv racing drone.





The Hobbywing Xrotor 2207 Race Motor has been designed for the most competitive pilots of the FPV racing world, this motor offers you a high top end speed and the lowest weight on the market, they are also cheap and they are so responsive in flight. Some of the characteristics off this motors are:

● This motors Includes a High quality 7075 aluminum, and a high-precision CNC Machining technology that produces a highest strength and axial concentricity.

● The hollow Titanium shaft of the motor reduces the shafts overall weight by a 50%.

● The EZO bearings inside the motors are high-quality bearings, the best available that provide a longer life and lower noise.


With a size of Only 18x13mm, and the weight of 1.01g, this new brand Tramp Nano is for the moment the best video transmitter that you can buy, it has an output power from 0.1mw(pit mode) to 500mw, this vtx is perfect for racing thanks to his touch and race technology where the organiser of the race could have a special wand nfc that helps him to control the frequency and power of the vtx.

The Tramp Nano vtx is operating with 5V regulated supply that most flight controllers have at these days, and it doesn’t require a specific dedicated connection to the flight battery, that probably consumes more power.

With this vtx you are going to have a good video quality always on your build fpv racing drone.

All this components are my best recommendation i can do for help you to have one of the best racing drones.