You are going to learn how to build your own fpv drone step by step in this article, and build a fpv drone it’s not difficult and people from all the ages can do it, you only have to follow this steps:

First of all we have to select which parts we are going to put to build your own Fpv drone, there are not recommended parts, not all pilots have the same components, but you have to buy a flight controller that in his specs have gyro mpu6000 and not icm, now the mpu flyes better, the you have to choose what esc you want, you can choose between 4in1 esc that are all in one board or individual esc that you put in one arm, personally i recommend 4in1 esc.

The most important part for build your own fpv drone is the frame, you have to select a good quality frame with good carbon fiber, when you select your frame you have to see which camera size you can use on it, you have normal size, mini size, micro size and nano size.

Then you have to choose good motors, the size that I recommend is 2207 or 2306, and the kv depending on the battery is around 1800kv for 6s and around 2400kv for 4s.  

Now we have only to select the vtx and the rx, the vtx that you have to choose has to be a vtx that has the power that you need, for example for racing you are going to use 25mw, but for freestyle you probably need 200mw or 600mw, depending on your flight style you will need differents vtx, the more known brands for vtx are tbs and immersion rc and now we have to select what rx we are going to put for build your own fpv drone, the rx is the most important part, if you don’t have an rx you can’t control your drone cause you don’t have any part that can do the communication between the transmitter and the flight controller, you need to choose between flysky or frsky receiver protocols that are the more known protocols, the best protocol is frsky that has better communication and a higher distance range, you can get a good quality frsky receiver on horus rc.

Once you have all the parts selected and are in home for build your own fpv drone it’s time to build it.

Fist you have to assemble the frame, but don’t put the top plate, you only have to mount the arms, mid plate and screws for the stack that is the escs and fc, once you have the frame ready you have to put the 4in1 on the stack screws and presolder the pads, then you have to put the motors on each arm and cut the wires to the measure to the pads and solder it, the you have to put the xt60 on his pads and connect the battery for comprove that all is right.

Now is the time to assemble the flight controller that is the most important component of your own fpv drone, without this, you can’t control the drone and program it. First of all you have to connect the connector on the 4in1 esc and the other connector of the wire in the flight controller, it’s going to give the power to the fc to power on, then you have to see the wiring diagram and connect the camera to the Video in pad, gnd and 5v or vcc pads, then connect the rx to the sbus, gnd and 5v pads and the vtx to video out, gnd and vcc or 5v pads, then you have to place all this parts in different places, the camera has to be on the front of the frame, the vtx i recommend to place it in the top plate and the rx place it between the fc and the 4in1 esc with heat shrink and put the top plate with the screws, you will have finished to build your own fpv drone.

Once you solder all the components and place all the parts in the frame you have to check if all works, first of all you have to connect the antenna to the vtx for not burn it, then connect the battery and check that the drone do all the bip sounds, comprove in your goggles that you are receiving video of the camera.

Now it’s time to configure all your drone with betaflight and it’s going to be ready to fly.


Don’t forget to enjoy building your own fpv drone.