This is a summary of some of the parts and tools you will need when you build your own quadcopter drone for the very first time. Two types of drones will be covered here, the most popular types are “tiny whoops” super micro FPV quadcopters and the larger 5” action camera carrying quadcopters drones.

First of you will need a frame that will hold all the components when you build your own quadcopter drone. Choose a frame that is stable and can take a beating because you will crash often and durability is something you will really want in a quadcopter build.


When you build your own quadcopter drone on the 5”, you will need to install 22xx or 23xx brushless motors with a 2300-2600kv rating and  20 - 40 amp electronic speed controls (ESC), the flight controller, weather that be BetaFlight or KISS, an FPV camera, video transmitter (VTX) usually running on 5.8GHz, your radio transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) usually 2.4GHz is plenty of usable range, Lithium Polymer battery, and a pair of FPV goggles or a monitor. You will need a large field or open space to fly free of people and animals. Stay away from buildings, bridges, and roads as there can be strict laws in your country regarding what you can and can not do when you build your own quadcopter drone.


Building your own quadcopter drone that is a “tiny whoop” requires fewer components and less the cost is less. YOu will need a 60mm - 70mm brushed frame. Brushed motors are preferred in this class because they are nearly harmless to kids and animals although the props can cut. That being said you should use 6x15mm brushed motors along with 31mm 4-blade or 3-blade propellers. At least four 205-250mah 1-cell batteries and suitable charger. A 25mw camera and VTX combo. These are perfect for indoors or when there is no wind outdoors. If you want to build your own quadcopter drone, start with this one because it will teach you the basic components and the basic skills it takes to fly.





You're going to need tools when you build your own quadcopter drone. The first thing you will need is a soldering iron and solder. Hex drivers (1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3mm) some wire cutters, heat shrink tubing, electrical tape, zip ties, and a smoke stopper.


Before you build your own quadcopter drone, verify the flight controller works by connecting it to Betaflight and installing the latest firmware. Check continuity of motor leads to verify there are no open Circuits. Bind the RC receiver to the transmitter before connecting it to the flight controller. Verify motors spin by hand without too much effort or binding up. Verify edges of the carbon fiber frame where the battery strap touch is not sharp, sand, or file as necessary.


Build a frame with motors and flight controller mounted. Lay ESCs on the arms and trim ESC wires to the FC to the correct length. Place camera, vtx, and rx on frame and trim wires to correct length. Plan on running the wires to the bottom of the FC. This keeps the wires tucked in and makes for a clean build. Trim battery cable leads to proper length and solder to the FC. Verify no electrical shorts at the battery lead solder joint. The key to not having issues when you build your own quadcopter drone, plug in the battery into the battery lead using the Smoke Stopper, the light will only turn if there is a short.


Remove FC from the frame to begin soldering the following: Buzzer, VTX, Camera which is recommended to use a common ground for best video, RC Receiver, LEDs (optional). Then Pre-tin the wires, insert them from the bottom of the FC through the correct hole, and solder into place. The most important part when you build your own quadcopter drone is the flight controller. Install flight controller into the frame, pre-tin the solder pads for all the ESC wires, pre-tin the ESC wires, solder the ESC wires to the correct pads. Remember that power wires are thicker and connect to the bigger pads. Signal wires are smaller and connect to the small pads.


Ensure ESCs are electrically isolated from the carbon fiber frame. Use either heat shrink tubing over the arm or a piece of foam tape on the arm, if needed. Pre-tin the ESC motor pads, cut motor wires to proper length and pre-tin wires, then Solder motor wires to ESC motor pads and secure ESCs to arms using electrical tape or heat shrink tubing. These are the basics of what it takes to build your own quadcopter drone. I recommend you take it one step at a time and start with a Tiny Whoop. Take care and happy flying!