Many people are comfortable buying a refurbished phantom drone because the maker of the drone DJI is a respected and trusted name in the market. They currently have over a dozen flying devices under the banner of their brand many of which get fitted with high-quality video capture features.

DJI has dominated the drone market for several years now and it does not seem like they will get unseated anytime soon. DJI drones are known for reliability and consistency coupled with the fact that they are churning out innovations.

One thing that may seem like a drawback with DJI drones is that they are not exactly the most affordable drones out there. As a result of this, consumers always jump at any opportunity to purchase them at a discount. One way to buy this drone cheaper is to buy the refurbished versions. But are refurbished drones ideal?

How does a Refurbished phantom drone compare with the new?

Drones sold by DJI as refurbishes are simply those which customers must have returned within a few days of buying it. The fact that it got returned and DJI received it shows that it is of good quality but the fault must be from the maker. Putting the defects into consideration, DJI take steps to remediate the defects and get the drone tested before it finds its way back to the market.

Quite understandably, the fact that the drone used to be defective may cause doubts in your mind. However, the mere fact that the drone got returned to DJI as a result of customer issues shows that it has received extra attention from the drone specialists at DJI. The experts at DJI are well aware of what to be on the lookout for.

Note that before a refurbished Phantom drone gets released, it has to pass through a comprehensive inspection and cleaning process. After it must have passed through the functionality testing, the refurbished drone is then placed in new packaging and comes with needed parts and manuals as well as a warranty. The approval process which the refurbished drone passes through is the same as a brand new drone.

Also, know that the refurbished drone passes through the same after-sales support which a new product enjoys. The only difference is that when you opt to return a refurbished drone, you will get a refurbished drone as a replacement.

How do I know a refurbished DJI drone?

There shouldn't be any confusion regarding the difference between a refurbished drone and a brand new one. Refurbished drones come with a serial number that begins with the "S" or "R" suffix, hence there is no confusion regarding what you are buying. One little snag with refurbished drones is that they may have a few scratches on their surfaces.

Where to purchase refurbished drones

Ideally, you would get the best price from the DJI store or a certified retailer. You will not only get the lowest price, but you will also rest assured that the drone has gotten refurbished.

Note that it is better to buy a refurbished drone than going for a used one regardless of the price. Added to the fact that the drone has gone through a thorough cleaning and refurbishment process is the fact that it would come with a fresh warranty.

Should you buy a refurbished drone?

  • Affordable

If you are looking to buy a DJI drone at the most affordable rate without compromising quality, refurbished drones are the way to go. In a situation where you cannot buy a brand new DJI drone, you may opt for a refurbished one.

  • Ideal for leisure

If you are buying a refurbished drone just for leisure is a v good idea. Ideally, it would fly a good brand new drone. In a case where it breaks down, the time it will take to replace it won't have too much negative impact on you?

  • Identifiable

DJI ensures that you can easily discern between refurbished and brand new units which means you won't mix things up and as such your buying one will be strictly based on preference and not because you got cajoled.


Your dream of being airborne with a drone shouldn't be a farfetched reality, especially with a refurbished Phantom drone. The benefits of buying one of these drones far outweigh the demerits. But be mindful of the tips outlined in this piece for clarity.