Shopping for a brushless motor for your RC motor can be hectic. Moreover, there are two types of motors for an RC plane: brushed and brushless motor. However, the two brands differ in terms of how they work.

The brushless motor is known to be way more powerful than the brushed motors. This is the kind of RC motor you will find in bigger drones. We're going to focus on the brushless motor and why you need to be careful when selecting one.

Therefore if you are thinking of getting a new motor and don't know where to begin, you have come to the right place. We will guide you on some of the important things to consider when looking for a good motor.

What is a brushless motor?

A brushless motor is a crucial part of your airplane. This is because it determines your drone's flight characteristics from how it takes off or even lands. The motor is located under the device propeller, which helps control the drone's speed and rotation.

How Do the Brushless Electric Motor works

There are two components in a motor: permanent magnets outside and spinning on the inside. The permanent is usually stationary while the armature rotates.

The brushless motor works by alternating the polarity of the windings in the interior of the motor. Then the magnetic fields created once the coils are generated exert a pull and push force. The force is exacted to the permanent magnets arranged around the outside of the casing.

This causes the outside case to rotate inside of the shaft. The case is rotating because the central shaft where the wings are attached is stationary; hence, the power is delivering directly to the windings. This is what makes brushless motors more powerful.

How to choose brushless motor for RC plane

Now that we have looked at what a brushless motor is and how it works in the previous parts. In this section, we'll guide you on how to pick the right motor for your drone. Here are some vital factors that one needs to consider before shopping for a motor to guarantee this.      

  • Inrunners and Outrunners

There are two kinds of motors one can opt for, which are the inrunners and outrunners. The inrunners has a shaft which rotates inside the outer casing while the outrunners are attached to a propeller or shaft, and it rotates in the center.  The motor you select will depend on the kind that the model came with. Hence check the brushless motor that the RC plane has before going to purchase online.  

  • Speed

The speed of the brushless motor also matters a lot. The speed of your motor determines how fast your drone will fly. To find out the speed that a motor outputs, we recommend checking the KV number. These particular numbers refer to the revolutions per volt made by the motor.

Therefore the number of times your motor turns, the higher the speed. For example, if a brushless motor emits 1200kv, the speed is expected to be high. It's important to consider the kind of speed that you can control in your RC drone.   

  • Size

This is also another feather that needs to be looked at when heading out to purchase a motor. To get the right size for your drone, you need to check the dimensions. In most cases, the motor usually has a number embed on it. For example, is the number is "22-05". The 22 indicates how wide the device is, while 05 shows the height. Hence, pick a component that fits in your aircraft.   

  • Power

The power of a motor is usually measured in Watts, and the higher it is, the more powerful your drone flies. For this reason, we suggest checking the Voltage of the motor pulls. This is usually indicated as Amps.  

By checking the Amps, you can find the right Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). Hence remember to use an ECS that is at least 20 percent, which is larger than the Amps number. For example, if you have a brushless motor that pulls 20A, we recommend using a 30A speed controller.

  • Thrust

Finally, you need to consider the thrust the brushless motor produces. This is what determines how fast your plane takes off from the ground. For example, if your RC plane weighs about 2lbs, you will need a motor that emits over 2lbs of thrust. This makes it easier for you to lift the drone vertical. Thus, ensure you have the right thrust for your drone to have enhanced performance.   


When shopping for a brushless motor for your plane, you need to be careful. Not all brands available in the market are good for your toy. Therefore, ensure you consider all the factors from the thrust, power, size, and speed before purchasing. This, in turn, guarantees quality and high performance.