"What is the cost of Elios drone" is the most popular question asked by people who meet this super aircraft for the first time. This drone is so complex that even understanding its price is a matter of deep analysis. In this article, we will try to give to you a precise number and explain what led the manufacturer to set such a price.

Understanding the price gap between consumer drones and commercial drones

The first thing you need to understand about Elios drone is that it is something more than a consumer drone. While both categorized as UAV, consumer and commercial drones differ in many aspects which leads to a sizeable gap in price between the two. If you pay a visit to an online store and search for a consumer drone, the cost will range from $100 to $5000. At the same time, if you set the search engine on finding commercial drones, you will get a significantly higher pricing that ranges from $10,000 to $300 000. So why such a big difference in price?

Well, it is important to understand that commercial drones have better flight performance and technical attributes than consumer drones. They are made for industry-grade works, being equipped with a sturdier structure for greater resistance, acuter camera sensors, higher speed and take offload, longer battery lifespan, and more intelligent obstacle avoidance mechanism. The improved technical features providing a better flight performance are responsible for the price gap between commercial and consumer drones.

Understanding the value of drone inspection in confined spaces

The status of a drone for indoor inspections of industrial and commercial spaces adds value to Elios. Performing inspections in confined spaces using a UAV brings a lot of indisputable benefits. First of all, this practice removes the risk of the workforce's injury, keeping the employees always in safety and capable of doing their job. Needless to mention the fact that a drone inspects any space faster than a human crew would do. Moreover, Elios provides more precise data, having the capability of reaching out to spaces that humans or any other drone can't reach. We speak here about both physical reach and remote inspection. The drone's camera sensors are more powerful than the human eye, being able to see details at a longer distance.

Furthermore, since the inspection performed with a drone is faster, the asset downtime gets also reduced. It means that the machinery and other industrial equipment will experience a shorter-lasting shutdown, and will get back to work earlier, increasing production and revenue. Another advantage of Elios drone that adds value to it is cost-efficiency. Using this drone for indoor commercial inspections brings customers savings of hundreds of thousands and even millions in the long run. Though expensive, the investment pays off in a few months. And the last thing that influences the price of Elios drone is a metal frame that acts as a shell protecting the drone from collisions.

Cost of Elios drone

After presenting all these factors to you, we are ready to voice a number. Elios drone comes in a variety of packages that suit different requirements of indoor inspection. If inspection operations have to be done to a greater extent in a larger space, the best choice is the Professional Package which includes the whole chest of technical attributes available, including batteries, battery charger, 2.4 GHz video receiver, a toolbox with spare parts, a motor replacement kit, a micro SD and an Android tablet. Moreover, the package provides one-day training that helps you master the sophisticated controls. So, the price of the Professional Package is 38,000 Swiss francs, or about $42,000. Please consider the taxes and the shipping costs that are not included in the original price.

To conclude, Elios drone might seem expensive at first sight. Still, there are two major factors that justify its price. First one, Elios is a commercial drone aimed at performing laborious operations, beyond just image capturing that is specific to consumer drones. Additionally, this Swiss super device gets an added value thanks to the benefits it provides to indoor commercial and industrial inspections. They include increased workforce safety, faster inspection, more accurate data, cost efficiency and reduced machinery downtime.