The RunCam Eagle is a high-performance FPV camera that makes your custom FPV drone to be easy to assemble and is made of resistant materials. The camera features a 1/1.8" 16: 9 CMOS image sensor for 800TVL resolution and has excellent latency. The model includes a variety of mounting options, making it very versatile, perfect to be used in many kinds of custom-made FPV drones  

With a compact size and reduced weight, more precisely only 16 grams, the camera easily fits in different layouts and at a wide range of angles. It also presents low energy consumption, thus guaranteeing the long-lasting experience to take photos and film videos that you want, making it one of the best cameras for drone-assisted media production.

You can find the Runcam Eagle 800TVL DC 5-17V FOV 130° 16:9 CMOS Image Sensor FPV Camera PAL NTSC Switchable for just $49.99 at HorusRC online shop,


Product specifications

The RunCam Eagle has a wide operating voltage of 5 to 17 Volts that allows you to use different batteries to power the system. Together with its ability to support videos in NTSC and PAL formats, which makes life easier for its users, making this camera a great option and choice to use with your fpv drone.

Speaking of its resolution, RunCam Eagle has a Global Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) which allows better lighting transitions than most traditional CMOS sensors. The WDR (wide dynamic range) makes it possible to capture images in low and high light environments in the same image, without affecting image quality.

This superior technology makes a big difference when you are flying with your drone and it suddenly enters an unlit area, since generally most cameras will lose quality in the images. However, the Eagle is no ordinary camera: even with sudden transitions between lighter and darker places, it will still get incredible photos and videos that will be sure to impress every pilot that gets to use it.


Sensors and why are they a differential?

Another interesting feature is the 1/1.8" 16:9 CMOS Image Sensor that guarantees higher image quality. You may wonder what these numbers mean and if there is a lot of difference in image resolution. The answer is yes! Those numbers give the type and the physical size of the sensor: the smaller its size, the worse its image resolution is expected to be.

The RunCam camera features a type 1/1.8” CMOS sensor. For cameras of this size, the eagle is only 26mm x 26mm x 31mm, you can't get much better than that. In addition, the RunCam Eagle has Horizontal Resolution of 800TVL equipped with an NTSC system that provides the best performance for any fpv camera you want.


Product material and components

This camera is made of high-resistance materials. The aluminum bracket mount that comes included when you buy the camera is a standard one, so there is the option of using the RunCam Eagle with other mounts you might already have. The bracket is easy to attach to most multirotor frames, and can be easily adjusted to the angle you want. It can also serve as a support for other compatible cameras.

 Furthermore,it uses the standard OSD dongle cable in order to be able to change settings in a faster way. That makes it easy and practical, offering  customers a wide spectrum of options for using the camera. The images it produces are great, very detailed and possesses a wide dynamic range of colors, with the appropriate saturation

One of the most impressive features of this camera is that its transmitter comes with wires coated with silicone instead of plastic (which retract with the heat of the soldering iron and may crack). Also, the system signal can be automatically changed through the OSD to be used with NTSC and PAL equipment while you fly with your drone, for greater convenience and less headache.

To sum it up, the camera is one of the most vital parts of any custom FPV drone and choosing a good one can make the flight experience that much more enjoyable. The Runcam Eagle is an affordable and versatile option that will suit very well the needs of most pilots.