How does dIY drone remoking improve the creativity and intellect of children? Children learn faster by playing, so buying them a diy drone remoking will help them combine perfectly these two activities. This device is a small version of a drone and is designed as a construction toy for children who enjoy assembling things. The child will have to put the parts of the mini drone together creating a RC aircraft that is ready to conquer the skies. To get an insight into this wonderful gadget, check out the guide for using it below along with some popular questions to which you will receive in-detail answers.


What is diy drone for?

The role of Remoking R605 is to help children learn how to assemble a drone while being assisted by a parent or an adult. By assembling the device, children develop critical thinking, improve concentration and boost creativity. They enjoy an unforgettable learning experience through playing, being eager to see what they will get in the end.


Can children assemble the drone alone?

The package is designed for a combined effort of a child and an adult. While being developed as a DIY toy, it is far from LEGO, as it requires precision and implies a range of strict steps that have to be followed exactly to get the device working, in the end. This is why, an adult should always assist the child at assembling the drone, taking on the hard tasks and correct the child in case he does something wrong.

Any little mistake can make the flight less safe. This is why, the adult has to double check each detail to ensure the drone is ready is take off. Please consider consulting the user manual if you are not sure whether or not a part is assembled correctly.


What includes the package

Inside the package, you will find all parts of the quadcopter that children will need to assemble. It includes the frame, blades, motors, transmitter and a tool to fix the blades and other parts safely in place. Moreover, you get a user manual that you will have to consult to ensure that you do everything right.


How much it takes to assemble the aircraft?

Usually a 12-year old who deals with the drone for the first time can assemble it in half an hour, while being helped by an adult. The more children participate in assembling, the faster they finish. Of course, a child will be able to assemble the device from the 3rd or 4th time without the guidance of an adult and significantly faster.  


Features of Diy drone remoking

Now that you have successfully assembled the aircraft, you are free to hit the launch button. But before doing so, you may want to throw a look at the drone's features to understand what you should expect from it.

1. A control station that even a child can use

Using the remote control is as easy as ABC. Press one of the two buttons to make the aircraft take off, land, turn left or right. There is the option of making the drone hover in the air, without moving in any direction. A pilot of the drone can be a child aged 14 or older. The maximum distance the transmitter emitts signals is 50m.

2. Fantastic stunts performed with a single click

An additional button is available for making the drone perform jaw-dropping rolls and flips. If flying the drone forwards and backwards gets boring, press the extra button and let the device perform aerial tricks that will leave your friends speechless.

3. A gyro that makes the flight smooth

The aircraft is equipped with a gyro that stabilizes the device ensuring a safe flight, especially when flying in windy conditions. The gyro has also a role in performing flips and rolls.


Does the drone have a camera?

Unfortunately, the device is not equipped with a camera.


How much can DIY Remoking fly?

The device has a 350mAh LiPo battery that allows it fly 5 minutes without interruption. You are recommended to take a 10 minute break after each flight to allow the motor to cool off.


Does my child really need it?

DIY Remoking is an ideal educational tool that helps children sharpen their thinking and improve attention to details. It is used not only at home but also at school, with teachers using it as a way to make children use their mind critically, make difference between things, and develop a strong discipline along with a spirit of work. It also helps identify children with special talents in engineering and technology. So this tool will definitely play a key role in the development of your child. You can go on to check for the availability of the device.