DJI  has revolutionized the drone industry through technology making it more fun and efficient. Their drones have been built to fit the user’s needs whether commercial or consumer use. If one wants a drone for hiking trails, climbing mountains, events, camping, the firm has got it. 

The move to build drones tailored to a particular need has given DJI an upper hand in the market. For this reason, different firms have now emerged to take up the competition and have a taste of the pie. The companies are giving DJI sleepless nights and a run for their money.

Which begs the questions, what are the DJI drones Competitors?  We are going to tackle this question below to understand how each firm penetrates the market and carves a niche for themselves.  

About Da- Jiang Innovations (DJI)

DJI is a Chinese tech firm that was founded14 years ago by Frank Wang. Over the years, the firm has made a name for its self both local and international market. Statistics have even showed the firm accounts for 70 % of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in the global market.

This is because the company is known for producing high-quality commercial and recreational drones for aerial photography and videography. It produces products such as camera stabilizers, flight control systems, camera gimbals, action cameras, flight platforms, and propulsion systems.   

What are DJI Drone Competitors?  

  1. Skycatch

Skycatch is one of the firms that is giving the DJI sleepless nights. The firm was founded in 2013, and it is based in San Francisco. It produces 3D reconstruction, post-processing, and analytical for aerial site data drone. The firm has majored in commercial drones rather than consumers’ planes.

Their drones are being used in the survey and mapping, construction and mining, agricultural, energy, and gas industries. On the other hand,  DJI has also specialized in commercial and recreational drones, and they recently got a huge order.

They are expected to deliver commercial UAVs to Japan’s construction firm known as Komatsu this year. Though Skycatch has worked with the firm before and they are giving DJI a run for their money. 

  1. DroneDeploy

This is another firm that is giving DJI sleepless nights. The firm was founded in 2013, and it’s based in San Francisco. It builds cloud-based software for drones mapping, which makes it possible to create aerial maps and 3D models with a single click.  

DJI also deals in drone mapping, and in 2017 they both introduced the construction Mapping Packages. This proves that the two firms are in stiff competition for international and local markets.     

  1. 3D Robotics

3D Robotics was developed in 2009. It is based in Berkeley, U.S.A. 3D Robotics, a drone production company known for developing secure Drone hardware for security consumers and governments. 

Both DJI and 3D Robotics produce a high-end drones that has amazing features for fliers. For example the DJI Phantom 3 and 3DR Solo drone share the same features perfect for users.

However, the 3DR has proven to be the best compared to DJI Phantom 3.  The 3DR is the first UAV that has been produced. The drone has amazing features such as 1 GHz processor, full GoPro integration, and pre-flight program plans. These features have knocked the DJI phantom 3 out of the competition.        

  1. New Frontier Aerospace (NAF)

NAF was founded in 2017, and the main mission was revolutionizing rocketry. The company is known for designing and building unique airplanes.

What makes their products stand out is that it combines the speed of the rocket, the range of an airplane, and the flexibility and precision of the multicopter used to develop them. For this reason, their drones are ideal for package transport applications and overhead sensing.

New Frontier Aerospace( NAF) does not only sell the drones, but they also lease, operate, and even provide ongoing operations and maintenance support.

In September 2020, the firm was selected by AFWERX, an innovation agency within the USA Air Force. NAF is now one of the firms that have competing in the GST&D challenge to show how future technologies can create a resupply and delivery of drone systems.

 The systems are expected to be quick and accurate to deploy supplies, packages, and equipment anywhere on earth. This makes the firm a top competitor to the DJI industry.

Take away  

DJI Drone Company has been in existence for 14 years and has occupied the major market. However, the competitors have come in with new ideas and tech which have revolutionized the industry. They are now producing commercial and consumer UAVs that are tailored for specific needs and each firm has its own niche.

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