DJI Mavic Pro Foldable Obstacle Avoidance drone is the new beast in town.  Before we talk about it let’s learn about the manufacturer.

DJI is a firm that has been around for 14 years. Over the years they have revolutionized the drone industry coming up with new and custom made devices. The firm has ensured your needs as a pilot is catered for in their models. This starts from the sleek design their drone and the technology used to manufacture them. A combination of the two makes their models worth every penny.  

This is seen in their DJI obstacle avoidance drone. It’s not an ordinary drone that you will find in the stores. The Mavic Pro has amazing features that speak to your needs, besides from having a cool design.

DJI Mavic Pro Foldable Obstacle Avoidance drone

The Mavic obstacle avoidance drone was lunched back in 2016 and has become the best selling drone. The quadcopter can be folded to fit any space just like your water bottle. What has made the drone popular and sorted after by many pilots is the obstacle avoidance technology.

The technology is a plus for the beginners who are venturing into FPV piloting. The system has been built to stop your precious toy from crashing or even bumping into objects.  It can spot an obstacle that is 15 meters away when traveling below 36km/h. Immediately it detects an object a tactile feedback is sent on your controller to warn you of the impending danger.   

The Mavic Pro has a foldable feature that also makes the drone unique. The device measure around 9 inches long, but when it is folded it narrows down to 3.5 inches. This is the size of your water bottle which is impressive. Hence, you can carry it anywhere.

The drone comes with a 4K video capture of high resolution, unlike other brands in the same group. Moreover the camera can be enhanced by a fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal, thus one can control the camera angle. The gimbal can be tilted, spinned, and turned upwards or sides ways. Plus, it can rotate up to 90 degrees to ensure portrait images along a landscape are captured perfectly. This makes the Mavic pro ideal for aerial selfies and even live-stream footages.       


  • The drone is portable and can be folded and carried with ease
  • It’s easy to operate the device
  • It has readily available spare parts though its production has stopped
  • The airplane has a 4K video camera fit for pictures and live footage from the sky.  
  • The aircraft can stay in the air for almost half an hour


  • The camera sensor is not as good as those found in newer drones
  • The joystick on the remote cannot be removed for transport

Benefits of Obstacle Avoidance in Mavic Pro

There are various benefits that one stands to ripe when using the DJI obstacle avoidance drone. Some of them are:

  • To fly a UAV indoors it needs a human touch to fly with hitting objects. But with the obstacle sensor the airplane can navigate autonomously indoors. This could be during a house party when the guests are around and you want to film the event. There won’t be time to always checking your controller. Therefore, you just lift the drone and leave it to do its job.
  • Drones used in events or public area are prone to crashing. But with a obstacle avoidance airplane, the risk has been reduced which saves you money.
  • Lastly the insurance cost on a professional aerial film or multispectral drone can be expensive. It could cost one around $50,000 which is expensive. However, using DJI mavic air collision avoidance reduces the insurance cost.


DJI movic pro is one of the best drones to grace the markets. The technology used to make the airplane makes it an ideal product for many consumers. Though, the camera sensor needs to be adjusted to fit the newer generation.

However, its production stop, one can opt for the DJI Mavic Air 2. The device is faster and effective which makes it a good upgrade from the DJI Mavic Pro.

The Mavic Air 2 has enhanced features to give you a piloting experience you have never seen. Therefore, you can add the device to your collection.