If you are looking for a fancy drone to allow you take marvelous aerial views, DJI Spark Drone Meadow Green is a perfect choice for you. The device is packed with intelligent features that make video recording captivating and easy. You have to be ready to experience a stable and speedy flight that lasts up to 16 minute and provides breath-taking views captured by a high-resolution camera smoothly integrated in the slick design of the drone. If you want to learn about the advantages of this RC aircraft in detail, read the list of features below.


Features that will help you get an unforgettable drone using experience

1. High-resolution photos that will leave your friends speechless

The on-board camera allows to take 1080p videos and 12 MP photos. It is equipped with a powerful CMOS sensor that has an advanced sensitivity to light rendering colors exactly as they are in reality and preventing color distortion.

2. Stabilized camera for no shaking and better image

If there is anything else that helps get high-quality shots, then it is the 2-axis gimbal that has the role of stabilizing the camera. No matter the drone turns suddenly, shakes or moves against a strong wind, the gimbal keeps the camera in horizontal position and helps it record stable footage.

3. Powerful propulsion that will make you feel like piloting a rocket

Aside from 4 motors, the propulsion power is added by the light weight and slick design that reduces wind resistance and allows to pick up speed and height faster. The vehicle's maximum speed is 31mph (50kph) in windless conditions.

4. Control the drone with sticks or gestures

To pilot the drone is not a big deal. There are 2 ways of controlling the device you can choose from. You can use the transmitter's controls consisting of sticks and buttons, as well as the gesture-piloting mode. The device enables also an HD video transmission in real time. Using wi-fi, the drone transfers what it records onto the transmitter's display that supports 720p image quality, even when the drone is 1.2mi (2km) away.

5. Make sure your drone looks stylish

DJI Spark is available in a variety of colors to ensure that your device is not only functionable but also fancy-looking. Your new aircraft can be either sky blue, sunrise yellow, red or meadow green. If you choose meadow green you get a stylish device that looks appealing and eye-catching.

 Moreover, the light and vibrant green will help you see the drone better in the sky as it creates contrast with the blue sky or white clouds. However, things get a bit complicated when it comes to piloting the device in a green area, such as: a forest or near trees.


Smart features that you can you enjoy with DJI Spark Drone Meadow Green

1. Never lose track of moving objects

Active track feature can identify a moving object and follow it while predicting its speed and trajectory. You just need to specify what do you look for, which can be: a person, a car, a boat, or an animal. As the system gets informed about your target, it starts searching for a similar object and track it, capturing stable and detailed footages of it.


2. Pick a point in the sky and send the drone there to capture views

In TapFly mode, you need to take a picture of a location first, upload it on the drone's app, and tap on a place on the photo that you would like the drone to go and record. As soon as tap on the needed point, the drone will fly in that direction, while gently avoiding obstacles.


3. Tame the drone with easy gestures

Palm control mode allows you take the role of a magician by controlling the behavior of the drone using just your hands, without having physical contact with the device. DJI Spark is packed with a unique gesture recognition system that captures your gestures using the camera and translates them into actions, such as: taking selfie, landing or taking off. This allows you not to spend additional effort on controling the drone, which sometimes makes the photography experience less exicting.


Is DJI Spark a good choice for photography enthusiasts?

Being packed with intelligent systems, this drone is a perfect choice not only for amateurs but also for professional photographers and filmmakers. Its Active Track and Tap Fly features along with the HD camera and the gimbal allow to capture stills and record footages that take your breath away, while putting little effort possible.

While everything seems to be perfect in this drone, one thing that can prevent many from buying it is its price, which is fair, knowing the abundance of cutting-edge features that are embedded in it. So if you are willing to invest in a quality and durable product, go ahead and place an order. You can check out the availabilty of the device on horusrc.com, which is a tech store that features the latest updates on the drone market.