What is spark mini fly more combo? Dji spark mini drone fly more combo is a set of accessories indispensable to the famous masterpiece of DJI, Spark Mini. Spark is a drone, weighing just 1.1 pounds that is packed full of cutting-edge flight improving systems and intelligent camera features. The advantages you get with this drone include: HD camera, flight stabilizing gimbal, powerful propulsion, aerodynamic design, 16-minute flight time, gesture control and smart tracking of moving objects.

When you place an order for this device, you will get only the drone. The rest of the tools that are needed to make the drone fly are sold apart. The package called "fly more combo" includes batteries, remote control, charging hub and other accessories. Keep reading the article to get a full presentation of this extra package.

1. Remote control and transmitter

The remote control can be considered the brain of the drone. It gives the vehicle commands and controls its behavior to ensure that it doesn't crash. Spark mini has a convenient remote control with a comfortable grip that consists of sticks and buttons that help control the movement of the aircraft. If moving the sticks gets boring, you can switch to the second way of piloting available with Spark Mini, gesture control. This feature is based on a smart recognition system that captures your gestures, turns them into commands and into actions.

However, this way of piloting is valid only with face-to-face interaction with the drone. It means that gesture control feature allows you only to capture selfies, make the drone take off and play with it in your room. If you go outside and launch the drone high in the sky, you will need to switch to remote control, as the drone would simply not be able to see you for performing gesture recognition, since the maximum distance the drone can fly away from the control station is 1.5 miles (2.4 km).

The remote controller comes with a transmitter equipped with a color display where a live stream feed is transmitted from the drone's camera. The transmitter provides a high-quality 720p footage via Wi-Fi. The quality of the image is preserved even when the drone flies 1.2 mi (2 km) away from the pilot. Thus, you will never have to move closer to a recorded place to get a better image.

For a more convenient flight, you can mount the remote control on the transmitter so that they become a single unit. In this way, you can pilot the drone while watching the real-time footage concomitantly. If you want a more immersive experience, you can order a set of dji goggles.

 2. Extra battery

Spare parts are never useless. The extra battery will be of great help when the drone's battery dies and you haven't yet completed your footage. In this way, you double the time you can use the drone, which means more photos and more breath-taking views captured. 

3. Propeller guards

While many advanced drone pilots will find these elements useless, they still bring you a lot of benefit. Propeller guards are steel structures that surround the propellers, protecting them from damage upon crash or impact with an obstacle. In spite of being very close to the blades, the guards do not impede their rotation allowing them to deliver the same propulsion power.

4. Battery charging hub

Another important accessory that you get with fly more combo package is a next generation battery charging hub created by Dji. The hub allows to charge more batteries at once, without wasting time on charging them in sequence. The hub will focus more on the batteries with a higher level of remaining power first to ensure that you get a fully-charged battery fast.

 5. Kit bag

The package also includes a shoulder bag where you can safely put your Spark mini drone before you go out for some maneuvers or just visiting a friend. This helps you protect the aircraft from rain. The bag has enough space to store other accessories, such as: remote control, transmitter, batteries and power cable. The bag has also two elastic pockets outside that are expandable and can fit various stuff, like phone, keys, wallet, cables and many more.

All in all, fly more combo is a package of accessories without which your Spark Mini drone would not be able to to fly. It includes: remote control, extra battery, blade guards, a next-gen charging hub and a spacious bag where you can place your drone and other equipment for more protection and easier carrying.