If you tape dji spark mini drone target in the search engine, you get the chance to experience a masterpiece of technology. Spark mini is one of the greatest innovations from Dji, being a combination of compactness, quality and style. Check out some facts about this drone below to get to know it closer.

1. A camera that can shoot Hollywood movies

Yes, the camera on Spark is so high-quality that it can be used in professional filmmaking. The powerful lens with a 25mm focal point combined with a 1/2.3 sensor offer amazing image quality. It allows to capture photos at 12 MP and record footage at 1080p. The lens provide a detailed focus on objects and helps preserve the natural color while preventing color aberration.

2. Shaking-free images provided by a 2-axis gimbal

While motor shaking can cause an unclear image, Spark comes packed with a high-performance gimbal that stabilizes the drone in any situation, whether it is strong wind, sudden change of direction, or shaking caused by motor and propeller rotation.

3. Accelerate like a supercar

Being aerodynamic, lightweight and having 4 powerful motors, the drone can accelerate as fast as a Formula 1 vehicle. The slick design allows stabilize the flight and helps the aircraft overcome wind resistance at ease and reach high speed. The powerful propulsion generated by motors helps the drone fly at up to 31mph (50kmh) in any wind condition.

4. Fly 16 minutes without recharge

The battery of the drone allows it to stay in the air up to 16 minutes at an average speed of 20mph. If you move at the highest speed possible, the battery will die faster. Having such a durable battery helps Spark mini become a perfect choice both for amateurs and professional photographers allowing to capture long footages and more photos during one flight.

5. Keep the moving targets always in focus

The drone has some intelligent features, and one of them is Active Track. It allows to track moving objects automatically. You just need to specify your target (running human, cycling human, animal, car, etc.) and the drone will start the hunt, creating high-quality footages.

6. Replace sticks and buttons with gestures

You can fly the aircraft in two ways. You can do it using the handy remote control, or by showing gestures. The drone has a smart gesture recognition system that turns your palm gestures into actions. All you have to do is to learn the gestures from the user manual and perform them perfectly so that the drone recognizes them. 

7. Place the drone in your backpack and go traveling

Spark mini drone is compact, portable and lightweight. You can fold the blades and place it in your backpack or laptop bag, without feeling the burden of carrying it.

8. Enjoy an amazing real-time image

The RC plane has a powerful transmision system that allows receive HD real-time footages while the drone flies 2 km away. No matter how far is the drone, the image will arrive instantly being of the highest quality possible.

Now that you know the facts, we would like to answer to some popular questions to help you come to a well-informed decision on whether or not you should give this drone a try.

Is Dji Spark Mini Drone legit or scam?

Spark mini is not a scam. The drone is one of the latest releases of the drone giant, Dji. The Chinese manufacturer is the world leader in producing and selling remote-controlled aircrafts and videography systems. The products have an unparalleled quality, being bought by millions of people around the world. This is why, Spark is absolutely legit, which is confirmed by thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. 

Is it easy to buy this drone online?

You can find this aircraft in online stores selling drone-related stuff, or just on big e-commerce platforms such as Target. Target is a large E-shop that offers a wide variety of products, including: food, furniture, shoes, household appliances, video games, health care, and garden tools. You can also find drones there. Alternatively, you can make your purchase on horusrc.com, which a totally drone-oriended online store that offers the latest updates on the drone market.