Though the DJI drone Miami was widely used, in the last few years, many people in Miami are looking for alternative suppliers due to security reasons. One of the most popular alternatives to the Chinese made DJI drones and other remote controlled products are the Frsky drones and quad-copters. They use the latest technology and components to keep the weight low while providing high quality photos and videos. One of the newest models of drones available from FrSky is the FrSky VANTAC Swoop BQ130 remote controlled drone or quadcopter which is smaller than other drones from FrSky

Drone Frame

The name of the Vantac BQ130 drone is derived from the size of the drone, which has a frame of size 130 mm X 130 mm. The height of the drone is 30 mm. It is also easier to handle the drone because it is smaller in size. To keep the weight low, the frame is made from high grade carbon fiber. This also ensures that the drone is durable and is low maintenance. The weight of the remote controlled quadcopter is 141 grams without batteries. The drone has been developed after extensive research by the team at FrSky after considering all the features which the users of the drone will require.

RC Camera and transmitter

For high quality images and videos, the drone uses the scout VS600 video transmitter (VTX) from FrySky. The RUSH cherry VTX antenna which is used ensures that the user of the drone gets high quality images has 48 channels and is functioning at a frequency of 5.8 Ghz. The drone also has a radio controlled First person view (FPV) camera for better control. The RunCam Robin camera allows the user to control the drone accurately from a distance. Depending on the distance of the drone from the receiver and other requirements, the power levels can be adjusted to 25 mW, 200 mW or 6000 mW. Using lower power levels will ensure that the drone can be used for a shorter period of time.

Flight controller

There are two versions of the SQ130 drone available F4 and F7. These versions mainly differ in the model of the receiver and flight controller which have been used. For the F4 version, the RXSR-FC receiver has been used with a latency of 8.6 ms, while the F7 version is using the Archer RS has a lower latency of 4.x ms. These low latency levels make it easier and faster to control the drone when it is used for racing. Similarly, the F4 version of the drone is using the Omnibus F4 nano flight controller, and the F7 version has a different flight controller which is specially designed for it.

Drone Electronics

The on screen display which is provided on the receiver allows the user to find out the battery level, signal strength and flight time conveniently and take action accordingly. The electronic speed controller Ori32 provides a smooth and fast acceleration of the drone whenever required. It also designed so that the temperatures will remain low, and there is no heating which could adversely affect the electronics. The VTX also includes a microphone for recording sound. For ease of design and maintenance, a single cable is used for the control and telemetry which will transmit inputs from the GPS, Speed sensor, VTX to the flight controller


This latest model of the FrSky alternative to DJI drone is using 3052 model propellers from Gemfan. Each propeller is three inches in size and has three blades each. These propellers are powered by brush-less motors rated at 3300 KV from Sunnysky. These motors are very powerful and reliable so less maintenance will be required. The drone is largely black in color, though the body is partly red. The propellers are also blue and white. In addition to the drone, a user manual is also supplied, with the drone, which the user can refer to before using the drone.

Accessories to DJI drone alternative Miami

In addition to the drone, the user will also have to purchase a transmitter that is compatible with the RC drone. The drone has an XT30 battery plug. However, the battery for the drone and charger will also have to be purchased separately. The manufacturer has recommended that the 650 mAh, 800 mAH or 1000 mAH LIPO pack should be used with this drone. Additionally components for upgrade available from Frsky dealers.