While mini drones provide an affordable entertaining and training option for amateurs, sophisticated drones, such as dji mavic pro combo platinum portable drone, are perfect for professional shooting and commercial surveying, being fitted with state-of-the-art tech attributes that bring the flight quality to a new level. Whether you are a filmmaker, a wedding photographer, or an insurance adjuster, this review will be useful for you, providing valuable information about the aircraft's features.

HD camera

Mavic Pro is equipped with a high-resolution camera that shoots videos in 4k at 30 frames per second and captures shots in 12MP. The photo taking process gets easier thanks to the gimbal mounted atop the camera that always keeps it horizontal no matter the orientation of the drone, the headwind blowing, or the shaking caused by engine's activity.

Extreme heights and decent speed

The drone gets far beyond competition when it comes to height. Its mighty propellers allow for a maximum height of 5000 m, which is a blessing for people who are mapping a vast crop area, surveying a large construction site or monitoring a natural disaster, such as a wildfire. Still, never rush to force the drone to record heights, because you may be operating in an area where drone flying restrictions are in place. So you are better off consulting first the regulations, especially the height limit.

When it comes to speed, the aircraft can develop 65kmph in calm weather. However, you are not recommended to fly the drone at top speed all the time, as it will kill the battery.

Extended flight time

Being a commercial-grade drone, Mavic Pro couldn't come with a short flight time. It can fly 27 minutes without interruption, allowing to capture lots of photos for a museum gallery, shoot long movie scenes and survey large crop terrains. Nonetheless, there is an aspect that can reduce the flight time. If you drive at the highest speed throughout the whole flight, you will run short of battery fast, so it is better for you to keep the speed within decent limits.

Stylish design

Mavic Pro boasts a sleek design with a streamlined top that aims at improving the aerodynamics. The drone is colored in an elegant slightly shining platinum that makes any user look solid and stylish.

Fly More Combo Package

Fly More Combo is a set of additional accessories that come along the drone itself. Some of them are indispensable to fly the aircraft, such as the remote control, others are just made to make your experience of using Mavic Pro more comfortable, such as a rucksack and extra batteries. Here is what you will find in the package:

1. Remote control

Even if you deal with a sophisticated drone, you will still find the basic controls on your transmitter, such as the power button, take off/land, move right/left, speed up/slow down sticks. The transmitter has also a display where you can see various flight information, such as altitude, speed, location and battery left.

Other controls, including Active Track that allows you to shoot moving objects in high quality, will be available on an app that you have to download on your smartphone. For a more convenient piloting experience, you can connect your smart device to the remote, creating a joint control station.

2. Charging hub and power bank adapter

The charging hub helps you charge more batteries at once. By the way, the Fly More Combo comes also with 2 extra batteries which is great if you are conducting the maneuvers far from your home. Additionally, you get a power bank adapter that allows you to charge the battery wherever you are.

3. Micro SD

The package includes also a 16GB micro SD that will come in handy when having to store lots of photos and videos.

4. Shoulder bag

If you are going to the outskirts of the city for some maneuvers, you can place the drone, accessories and other belongings in the shoulder bag for safer transportation.

On the whole, Mavic Pro is a next-gen drone packed full of sophisticated technology, such as a 4k camera, stabilizing gimbal, Active Track feature, long-range transmitter with display, charging hub and powerful batteries that allow for a 27-minute flight. Above all, you will get a backpack that will help you protect the drone and accessories during transportation.