If you are a fan of Dji drones, you are here to know that rumors about the Mavic Mini successor launching are already in the air, however a precise dji new drone release date is still unknown. Even if Mavic Mini is an engineering masterpeice, there is always room for improvement. That's what Dji tries to do by preparing apparently to launch the sequel of this drone, called Mavic Mini 2. There are not many leaks regarding this new drone on internet, but we still managed to find some precious hints that we are happy to share with you.

Waiting for something new

It's been almost a year since the launch of the official Mavic Mini drone on October 30, 2019. Even if it may seem a short period of time, Dji had made a habit of launching new drones every year, so everyone is expecting now the new aircraft launching soon. While it's the high time for a fresh product release by Dji, this year few information has been leaked regarding the new drone launch. Still, there was a tiny hint that made us think that the new release is close. We talk about a filling at US Federal Communications Commission on October 6 picked up by a professional Dji pilot, nicknamed OsitaLV.

The filling, posted on Twitter, included a draft of the Mavic Mini 2 drone design which was very similar to the design of Mavic Mini, having just a different model number and some modifications specified by the author in the filling.

Upgrades to be expected in Mavic Mini 2

Mavic Mini has been considered the best mini drone in the world, since its launch. It's affordable, compact, fast and weighing just 249g, which is 1 gram below the weight that falls under the regulation of rc vehicle registration. The drone makes up for a perfect trainer for beginners and a wonderful tool for photographers. Still, it has some features that have to be slightly improved, according to Dji fans. Dji has apparently paid attention to these features and seems to be preparing some upgrades for them. In the above-mentioned filling, the Dji pilot mentioned that the successor of Mavic Mini will have Bluetooth and 2.4/5.8 Wi-Fi.

Also, the biggest rumor about the new drone is that it will shoot 4k videos. The 2.7k video was one of the most criticized aspects of Mavic Mini, so there is a huge chance that the manufacturers will make an upgrade to 4k to not disappoint the devoted customers and improve the quality of aerial footage. One thing that will most probably not be added is the Active Track feature. It was a popular request among Dji fans to pack the mini drone with this smart feature, but it is least likely Dji will accept this upgrade due to its efforts to keep the status of Mavic Mini as a cheap drone and also maintain the weight below 250g, which prevents owners from registering the aircraft with civil aviation authorities.

Another feature that is highly likely to stay in the sequel version is the 12MP sensor. Again, if adding a more advanced sensor, the drone will become more expensive, so Dji will predictably keep the higher-resolution cameras and Active Track feature for its middle-range drones. Additionally, rumor has it that Mavic Mini 2 will be equipped with a USB-C Port, instead of a MicroUSB port which is included in the first version. Such an improvement will help charge the drone faster.


Well, price is perhaps the only thing that doesn't need to be guessed or predicted. Once the new drone is expected to have almost the same design as its predecessor, the price will undoubtedly stay around $399, which is the current price of Mavic Mini. The improvements related to video quality and USB port will most probably make a difference in price, adding some bucks to the value of Mavic Mini 2. As regards Mavic Mini 1, it is expected to come with a 20% discount after the launch of its sequel, becoming a great option for those who are ok with shooting in 2.7k.

To sum up, there isn't an official announcement about the dji new drone release date. Still, some leaks suggest that Mavic Mini 2 is soon to be launched and will come with a higher video quality and an upgraded USB port, but will keep the weight below 250g and the 12MP sensor for taking photos.