Drones come in all shapes and sizes, and there is an array of choices on the vast Amazon online shopping universe. That is why we are here with a quick and easy drone Amazon Italia guide that may help you choose your first-ever drone purchase for your next drone adventure.

According to the Merriam and Webster dictionary, a drone is a pilotless aircraft or vehicle controlled via remote control. Although remote-controlled cars and ships may fall under this definition, we are more familiar with aircraft drones than any other vehicle.

Furthermore, there are many drone types in the world that range from toys to tactical. But most commercial drones can be one of two things—photography or racing drones. This article will be focusing on racing drones.

Racing Drones

Technically speaking, racing drones may have come before photography drones since recreational RC plane flying and racing became popular in the 1960s. However, the drones used during those times were more akin to a miniature plane rather than the quadcopters (one aircraft with the lift from four propellers simultaneously functioning) that we see today.

Racing Drone Purchasing Tips

Remember a few things before heading out to purchase a drone

  1. Know the legal specifications in a race. If you want to race professionally, you have to check the competition rules and guidelines on a drone's specifications. Although competitions allow racers to be creative with their drones, they also ensure everyone is playing in a level field.
  2. Ready-to-fly vs. Build-your-own. RTF drones are great for beginners who are getting acquainted with the sport. But it is also possible to build your own to really know your aircraft and have a deeper appreciation for the sport.
  3. Get the right controller. Most RTF kits have the controller included. But if your kit does not have one, make sure that the controller that you choose is compatible with your device and can transmit far enough so you can control the drone comfortably regardless of where it is on the track.
  4. Get a repair kit. Collisions are inevitable, especially if you are a beginner trying to get the feel of flying a drone. Therefore, having a repair kit is essential. Ideally, your basic kit will consist of soldering tools, hex screwdrivers, screwdrivers, hex nut drivers, wrenches, wire cutters, pliers, electrical tape, double-sided foam tape, a pair of scissors, a multimeter, a utility knife, and a smoke stopper.
  5. Grab spares. Racers typically have back-up aircrafts ready in case their main racing drone experiences a bad crash. All drone parts are essential, but if you do not like the idea of buying three new drones at once, you can settle for buying two spares for each propeller and motor.

What Drones To Get

Fat Shark 101

Other drone Amazon Italia listings are far more massive and intimidating in the skies than the small and almost comical frame of the FatShark 101. But this is a great one for beginners who will learn to love the sport.

This basic FPV racing drone has a no-frills but upgradeable design powered by two LiPo batteries. This quadcopter features a simple camera and radio that can work seamlessly with online simulators and custom quads.

The entire Fat Shark FPV Drone Racing kit contains the aircraft, the radio, a pair of Recon goggles, and an instruction manual.

EMAX Hawk 5 Sport

The EMAX Hawk 5 Sport may be relatively smaller than the other drone Amazon Italia listings at about 9.5 inches, but it makes up for it with its speed.

At 265 grams and four 210 mm propellers, the EMAX Hawk 5 Sport can go up to 105 miles per hour. It also features ECO 2207 1700KV brushless motors, a F4 flight controller that’s Mini Magnum III with a MATEKF405 firmware and other topnotch features.  

Every EMAX Hawk Sport kit comes with the aircraft, an extra hardware set, a spare canopy, an EMAX Nano RHCP SMA antenna, AVAN 5 x 3 x 3 propellers (three CWs and 3 CCWs), and Avan 5 x 2.8 x 3 propellers (three in CWs and three in CCWs), and an instructional manual.

GEHOO GH Happymodel Quadcopter Mantis 85

If you want to step up your racing game, there are many great options in the drone Amazon Italia listing. But one of the top choices for racers is the GEHOO GH Happymodel Quadcopter Mantis 85.

The GEHOO GH Happymodel Quadcopter Mantis 85 is a first-person view racing drone that features a combination of bottom plate made of carbon fiber with CNC aluminum alloy stiffeners, 1935 3-blades propellers, Happymodel SE1102 KV9000 brushless motors, Super_S F4 Flight controller with a Betaflight 3.2.0 firmware.

This racing drone kit comes with a Happymodel Mantis 85 frame, a Super_S F4 Flight controller, four Happymodel SE 1102 KV9000 brushless motor, a Super_S BS06D 4 in 1 ESC Dshot600, four 1935 3-blades propeller CW, four 1935 3-blades propeller CCW, a 600TVL HD CMOS 1/4 inch camera, a Buzzer, and an instruction manual.

If you are a novice and want to explore the world of drone racing, you may want to check out these drones. You can also save considerable money and learn more about your drone when repairing it yourself. But if you are not confident in your ability to tinker with it, hire a professional drone technician.