Probably new pilots or experienced pilots don’t know that revising all your drones is so important to know that all is correct for start flying.

It’s possible that sometimes when you are in the middle of the flight you can find some issues that obligate you to stop flying.

This is the cause that having a drone flying checklist will help you to avoid breaking any component.


You have to know that you don't just have to check only the quadcopter, you also have to know that it’s too important to revise the weather conditions.

The first thing that you have to add to your drone flying checklist is the weather conditions.

Weather can prove to be unpredictable and it could be so problematic for drone flights, so it's important to add some checks into your process.

Especially at high altitudes, it is crucial to be aware of the local wind speed and the impact  that this could have on your flight.

A relatively simple check, but nonetheless important is taking time to comprove

if the weather allows or not a good visibility is consistent throughout the expected range of operation.

The Clouds, the fog, and others environmental factors can appear quickly and significantly disrupt operations if they are not anticipated.

The Assessing of precipitation levels enables you to make more informed predictions about the most likely conditions for that day, and ultimately more prepared to mitigate fault and error in your operations.

Then, when you know that all the weather conditions are perfect for a flying planing then you have to add to your drone flying checklist the drone components check.

Check the status of all your components is so important, sometimes if you don’t check your components carefully before flying, probably on the last flight something breaks and you didn’t know because you don’t check the components and this is so important to avoid that.

The most important parts that you have to check are the principal cables because it is so common that sometimes the silicon part of the cable starts disappearing and the inside wire part starts exposing to the outside and does a short circuit.

Next thing you have to revise on the components is if you see visually any small piece of the flight controller or electronic speed controller out of his place.

And the last thing to revise on the components are the motors, if there are something blocking them.

If it’s a new drone and it’s the first time that you are going to fly with it I recommend to add to the drone flying checklist a fast review of the betaflight configuration.

Is so important to revise your new drone configuration because you probably forgot to configure something or you need to take care with any configuration that you have to improve.

New pilots have the issue of the transmitters axis don’t moving and it’s cause they don’t configure it or they don’t set a small angle to 180 degrees to arm in any position. And that’s why I'm recommending to revise it twice.


Once you have all revised it’s time to fly, make sure you have all the steps done on your drone flying checklist and then, you only have to take a charged battery and connect it to your drone.

Last thing that i recommend you is make sure you have the correct rates and pids when you enter to the osd and also make sure you have the desired vtx power viewing it on the smartaudio page.

Now it’s time to fly and everything is correct, but you always have to take care that everything can change and you probably have to add to your drone flying checklist the possibility of the inesperated issue on the components or a hard change of weather that obligates you to go down.

These steps are always necessary for don’t lose or break your drone, it will add too many batteries of life.

Hope this article could help you to have an appropriate drone flying checklist to follow in all your time that you are going to stay in this incredible UAV world.