If you’re a drone, operate, you will need a Geofencing map installed in your device. The terrain mapping is the future that needs to be adopted by individuals and businesses for better services. You might disagree with this at the moment, but manufacturers have begun to embrace the tech.

For example Geofencing has been used in the Smart Homes to help with your garage door, house lighting, or even warming shower water. The application works by connecting your device or even car, to the software. Once you approach your house the system, senses your presence and begin to act on a particular demand.

The same system is now been used in drones to fence off specific locations and manufacturers are using it to developing their devices. In this article, we are going to learn more about the application and why it's essential. Let's dive in.

What is Drone Geofencing?

Geofencing refers to a virtual barrier application developed using GPS (Global Positioning System) network and LRFID (Local Radio Frequency Identifier ).  The application further connects to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi beacons to dictate boundaries. For the boundaries to be recognized with your drone perfectly, it uses both the hardware and software.

The tech has been around for decades and it was used to monitor cattle, the drone was linked to a GPS collar in the animal. The collar would then provide an alter if the animal steppped outside the restricted area.

Other avenues where the devices have been used include the monitoring of armored security vans. Today terrain mapping the tech is being used in Smart Homes, airports, prisons, and amusement parks

How Drone Mapping works

Drone mapping is versatile and connects to GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons, and cellar data to pinpoint an exact location. This was unlike before, when one thought the device would only work outdoors.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is paired with the Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi, or GPS devices to accurately inform one on the exact location precise location.The amazing thing about the software is that one can use it anywhere since it connects to the Apple and Goggle databases.

Therefore you won't need to program or learning any coding language to define the area you're interested in covering with the drone. What is required is making the necessary GPS updates.

What a Geofencing drone requires 

  • An App

 For your terrain mapping to be effective, the airplane needs the app to be installed. Therefore, if it is not inbuilt you can install it. This is what helps in detecting the entering and exiting of your device in a particular region.

For example, if you're trying to fly your drone in a restricted area, it won't take off. What happens is an alter message appears on your control screen to notify you this is a restricted area.  

  • Location permission  

The second thing that the device needs is location permission to be flow in certain airspace. For an instant, if your aircraft flies over an airport or prison without a permit, you could be arrested.  If you want to use their air space seek permission for your drone to work perfectly and  get updates to access the air space. 

The terrain mapping color-coded system 

We understand differentiating a restricted and unrestricted area can be a bit challenging. This is why the drone technology has incorporated the color-coding system to show one the safe airspaces to fly in. 

  • Green: warning zone / enhanced warning zone. When you receive a green warning on the monitor, it shows there are some circumstances that might affect your flight but you can fly your drone.

However, when there is an enhanced warning zone, your craft will be disabled automatically. Though, there is a certain drone that permits you to disable the feature and continue flying.

  • Yellow: this means you are authorized to fly your airplane in the region.
  • Red:  refers to a restricted zone, and flights are not allowed in the area. For one to fly their drone on this space, you need permission from the relevant authority.  

Benefits of Geofencing drones   

  • The tech helps limit takeoff from geofenced areas where the drone might be dangerous or even raise safety concerns.
  • The device can link with a GPS or Satellite, which pin point to the location of your drone. This, in turn, helps with return home and overall flight stability.
  • The system also helps to keep your plane safe while in the air. This means it won't collide with other aircraft in the same air space by maintaining its lane.


Geofencing tech helps a drone to understand where it is when flying. This gives you the actual feeling a pilot has when in a cockpit. You will be in control of where your drone is flying.

For this reason, invest in drones that have the feature to ensure you and your drone are safe and on the right side of the law. Plus, we recommend you read the regulations regarding aerospace security in your state.  We wouldn’t want you to land on the wrong side of the law.