Drone glasses DJI provide the best ever experience of seeing splendid views captured by a flying drone. Using a wireless connection, the goggles allow you to enjoy breath-taking panoramas while piloting the drone from the ground. If you want to know what else can these goggles offer to you, check out the following list of features that will help you understand why this epic technology masterpiece deserves a try.



1. High resolution

The goggles offer a flawless replication of what the drone records. They use two screens that provide a high-quality image for each eye, while the splitter beam helps the images not or overlap, uniting them seamlessly in a single picture. You can regulate the resolution in case you want to be in better control of the battery life. You can enjoy both 720p and 1080 viewing, while having up to 4 devices connected to the drone.

2. Wireless connection

No matter how far the drone flies away from you, you will still enjoy a high-quality transmission between the two devices provided that the wireless connectivity recognizes signals even from a long distance. You will be able to receive images from the drone even if it flies behind you, thanks to the 360 degree coverage antennas, which prevent you from having to turn the whole body every time the drone switches direction.

3. Direct control with your head

When you put the goggles on your eyes, your head literally becomes the pilot that controls the movement of the drone. By turning your head left or right, you make the drone perform the same movements, going in the direction that your head orders it to go. The same head yaws allow you control the movement of the camera installed on the drone. To stop the drone or camera turning, you have to straighten your head.

Of course, you will not always have to pilot the drone with your head. You just need to take friend with you who will pilot the device using the remote controller, letting you enjoying the bird's eye panoramic views without thinking about anything else.

4. Long operation time

The battery of drone glasses dji lasts up to six hours. No matter which definition the camera is set on and which flight mode is activated, you will always have a lot of time to explore the surrounding area and capture once-in-a-lifetime views.

5. Smart flight modes

The drone is packed with a lot of intelligent flight modes that allow you experience various ways of capturing video and photos. The most popular modes include:


Fixed Wing

By activating this mode, you make the drone's flying style resemble the flying style of an airplane. The drone doesn't turn left and right instantly, instead, the turning takes place slowly and steadily by tilting slightly the drone while it keeps moving forward. This mode is excellent for film-makers as it allows capture videos for movies that seem to be taken from an airplane.


Active Track

This mode makes it possible for you to track a moving target, such as a car, a boat, a running person, or an animal. The motion freezing system immortalizes the moving object, helping you see it through your goggles clearly and capture photos where the object will look like not moving. With Active Track mode, you can either fly behind the target or ahead of it, recording it from any angle you wish.



This mode gives you the chance to capture pictures steadily by slowing down the drone and making it almost hang in the air, rather than moving. By having the drone fixed above a location, you can explore that location in detail by taking a lot of shots.


Where to find Drone Glasses Dji?

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