Drones have been in existence for a while now. Over the years the drone industry has emerged to be one of the most profitable markets. Different firms have come up with new tech that meets users need whether commercial or recreational.   

One of the firms that come with a unique tech in the market is Idea-Fly. The company has curved a niche for itself in the market. In this article we are going to look at the firm in depth to learn and see their creative inventions.     

What is Drone Idea-Fly?

Idea-Fly is a firm located in Shenzhen, Guangdong China and it was founded in 2011. The company specializes in the production of R&D and sale of multi-rotor aircraft. They have carved a niche more than 30 countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and America.   

They produce drones for aerial photography and videography which are reliable and economical. The firm has also developed various multi-rotor devices and racing drones such as Hero-550, Apollo, IFLY-4, IFLY-4S, Idea-Fly 210 and Storm-800.

If you are looking for high-definition image transmission system or PTZ stabilization system or peripheral equipment for fishing drones Idea-Fly has it. Moreover the firm is known to specialize in waterproof fishing drones with cameras.

Plus, youll find special drone accessories for your fishing plane such as fishing drone charges, batteries, connectors, bait releaser among others.

Drone Idea-Fly products

In this section, we are going to look at some of the amazing products that the firm produces.

1.Poseidon Pro: GPS positioning Fishing Drone with 1080P Camera

The drone comes with a 1.5 kg bait release with Naza-M-V2 & GPS which makes it ideal for catching fish. The device also comes with user-friendly control systems that enable the drone to land, float and also take off in the water.

The Poseidon Pro is waterproof which makes it ideal for fishing. It has a 3-hour float level and a 6 class windproof which cannot be attained by other drones. Though the device is small and light it handles the task effectively. This is because the drone has been designed for marine operations.

The UAV can fly for a period of 25 minutes and it comes with a flysky 16s remote control. This allows you to throw the bait to the fish accurately and catch the fish.


  • ·It comes with a NAZA-M-VZ flight controller fitted with a GPS system.  This, in turn, offers you a key return function and long-distance transmission.  
  • ·The GPS ensures one knows the actual location where the drone is at every time for safer flight.
  • ·It comes with a real-time video transmission which covers a distance of 850 meters
  • ·The drone comes with a LED light that is built in to make your night flight safe and convenient.
  • ·The Poseidon Pro is made from a corrosion-resistant material. Whether you want to use the drone in seawater fishing or when it's raining the drone will work perfectly fine.

It comes with a fast and accurate throwing system that can be used to carry the fishing line and throw it in the precise location.

2.Ideafly Grasshopper F210

The F210 has been designed to look and fly like an insect but it is not one. Many have confused it to be a toy, but it's not.  The UAV comes with a 4S battery which means your device is powerful to take up any task. Though, there is an alternative upgrade of 75c battery which guarantees the device goes for 140 miles per hour.      


  • ·The drone comes with an FPV camera that is protected by the frame.
  • ·It has LED lights in the grasshoppers eyes that light up when the drone is powered on. This makes it perfect for night flying.  
  • ·The quad’s frame has a yellow plastic piece that protects the battery and other components in case of a crash.  
  • ·It has a 2300kv motors and uses the F3 10DOF flight controller.
  • ·It weighs 500g when it has a battery and the maximum flight time is 12 minutes.

3.IDEAFLY Apollo FPV GPS quadcopter

This is another amazing invention Idea-fly has ever created. The aircraft is guided with a wireless 5.8 GHz image transmission for the FPV and a GPS. This makes the drone an ideal substitute for the DJI Phantom 2.


  • ·The Apollo quadcopter is equipped with high-performance brushless motors, ESC and carbon Fiber propellers. This makes it fast and effective and produces low noise.
  • ·It has a highlighted LED indicator perfect for night flights
  • ·The Apollo also has a low voltage battery protection
  • ·The integrated 5.8G wireless image technology gives you an ultimate piloting experience.  


Idea-Fly is one of the major firms that has made a name for its self. It offers high-quality drones that are about to compete with DJI products. Hence, we offer you various Idea-Fly products that will make your piloting worthwhile. Whether you are looking for multi-rotor devices, fishing or racing drones we have got you covered.