LRP has added another excellent entry to their quad-wars, the Gravit Vision FPV, with a WLAN camera. You can now easily monitor your drone's flight using your smartphone in real-time and get a bird's eye view. Both the image and video features are also on board with the camera being operated using the transmitter. Boasting a 'return function' allows a safe return for the pilot, and its three power levels make the first steps into FPV flight possibly easy. The extremely lenient flight features promise lots of airborne fun.

This new and exciting drone lrp Gravit fpv is something expected from LRP. For those just new in the drone world, LRP is a German manufacturer best known for its competitive radio control electronics with speed controls and motors. They have also secured an array of titles in varying sought-after RC car races.

In the camera drone arena, the Gravit Vision FPV is famous also due to the following premiums:

  • Its camera can be operated using the transmitter
  • First-person view using your smartphone
  • There is a return to home function
  • Has an incorporated 6-axis gyro
  • Three power levels and forgiving flight features
  • Comes with a micro SD card and HD camera
  • Has a long flight time
  • Has a 4-channel digital proportional 2.4 GHz radio
  • It comes with a transmitter, charger, LiPo 1000 mAh flight battery, and spare rotor blades; in a complete set, the quadrocopter is also included.

The model's movement involves a solid construction because one or two substantial impacts won't stay out when the laws of physics are tried. This LRP model can fully satisfy you in this aspect. The Gravit Vision FPV is very steady in the air thanks to its integrated gyro. More importantly, it is effortless to fly.

The drone lrp gravit vision fpv app

You can easily download the application to your phone using Google Play. This app can allow you to control your 4-axis drone via WIFI using your Android smartphone.

Additionally, it can display the real-time video that your aircraft camera is capturing. This data transmission is being done via 2.4G WIFI protocol. Alternatively, you can also take a photo and record a video on your smart phone’s side.

The app’s 1.2 version can support the German language, and the interface picture has also been updated. It also helps family sharing of up to 6 household members who use this app with the Family Sharing enabled.

Tips and Reminders before Starting to Fly

  • Range – your Gravit comes with full coverage and high-quality 2.4 GHz transmitter system and encountering range issues is minimal to zero. It is highly recommended that you fly in clear spaces with no interferences around; you should have a range of at least 500 meters.
  • Flight Time – the flight time is impacted by both controllable and uncontrollable factors like the wind, the flying technique, and flying speed. If you want to increase your flight time to have an additional 4 to 6 minutes, you can upgrade to a 4400mAh LiPO battery.
  • Flight Area – when you are flying your Gravit, always remember that you don't have the liberty to fly everywhere. Always fly according to the legal requirements of the county, city, or country you are flying. Never fly in a crowded area or spaces near people and animals. As much as possible, get the most enjoyment from your hobby by flying reasonably, respectfully, and following your piloting skills.
  • Image and Video Capture – you are not allowed to capture pictures and shoot videos wherever you please. Some people might not be comfortable being included in your frames, so as a basic courtesy, ask permission before you start taking photos and videos.

LRP Warranty

All LRP products, including this Gravit Vision FPV drone, are manufactured using the highest quality standards. The company guarantees that it is free of any defects in both materials and craft for three months, inclusive of only Non-European countries from the date of purchase, as indicated by the sales receipt.

This limited warranty provided does not cover defects caused by misuse, mechanical damage, improper maintenance, and outside interferences.

This particularly applies to previously used batteries or batteries, which show indications of heavy use. Damages or output loss due to incorrect handling and/or overload are not considered product faults.

Signs of wear after rigorous usage are also not a product fault.