Intro info about Drone Mavic Pro 2 amazon: If you look for a drone that would help you take stunning aerial shots, you have to consider Drone Mavic Pro 2 in amazon. This is a next generation aircraft that is packed with innovative features that allow to capture breath-taking views with high resolution and impressive color detail. If you want to get a closer look at this amazing device, check out the list of features below that makes it so wanted among photo enthusiasts.

Why is this remotely controlled plane worth giving a try?

Whether you look for a drone for personal purpose or for professional needs, you have to choose a RC plane that provides a highly resoluted image with clear accent on details to ensure that you can enjoy the most of the aerial view you capture. Many drones available on a budget price provide low-quality image and have a weak battery that allows keep the drone in air only for 10 minutes or less. If you want a better photography experience, you have to choose a next-level drone with smart features, such as Drone Mavic Pro 2 amazon.

This amazing flying device is equipped with intelligent photo-capturing systems that turn each shot into a masterpiece. Here is what you get if you buy Mavic Pro 2:

1. Hasselband camera

The drone comes with a stunning camera from Hasselband that allows to capture 20 MP high-quality shots of gorgeous nature landscapes and city panoramas. The 1080 resolution gives you the chance to admire each photo in close detail, allowing to see even the most remote objects that are impossible to be perceived by human eye.

2. Accurate recognition and tracking

The second edition of Drone Mavic Pro 2 comes with an upgraded Track System that is powered by a 3D recognition tool providing a full-range scanning of the environment. In this way, the camera has a good space awareness being able to capture scenes that take your breath away. Also, the smart freeze motion system embedded can track objects that move fast, such as cars, motorbikes, birds and fast-running animals, helping remove the movement effect and avoid getting low resolution images.

3. Low noise and longer flight

Unlike low-quality drones, this one has a longer flight time, being able to provide impressive trips lasting over 30 minutes where you can take thousands of photos and record long videos, exploring the nature and the busy city life. In spite of being so powerful, the engine emits little sound, which allows remove annoying noise from videos and make them more captivating.

4. Detailed color spectrum

The drone has a 10-bit Dlog M color profile that recognizes a huge variety of colors, making each shot vibrant and eye-catching. This feature is perfect for those that love analyzing the coloring of a photo in close detail. It highlights the contrast and makes objects that look dull in reality look more vivid and joyful on the photo by adding brighter colors.

5. Task Library

This amazing feature allows the drone remember paths and repeat them. In this way, you can capture the same location, from the same angle many times and use the photos to compare how the place looked during summer and during winter or to record the progress in building a skyscraper.

6. Trajectory prediction

This next-level feature will help you a lot when focusing on a single object when recording. This smart drone can predict the trajectory of a moving car or a running person when the subject is obstructed by obstacles. For example, when the car moves past a mountain, a house, or a line of trees that make it invisible for a period of time, the drone will predict the car's trajectory and follow it until the car becomes visible again.

Where to buy Drone Mavic Pro 2

Having a drone like Mavic Pro 2 is a bless for any photographer or photo enthusiast. Amazon is an easy way to get Mavic Pro 2. If you want to capture the most splendid views around you, you also can place an order for this amazing RC plane in one of the few online shops where it is sold. One of them is our powered by Frsky.