Drone uin registration has become a requirement in the recent years. It is a way governments want to prevent drones from being used for military purpose and identify people that commit crimes using drone easier. While a decade ago, you could enjoy flying a radio-controlled aircraft without any limitation in any country, now you have to comply with the uin registration requirements or other restrictions. You can find the regulations of different countries listed below to be fully prepared when you visit them and allowed to take aerial shots.

Drone UIN Registration Around the World

1. The USA

The USA was among the first to introduce unique identification number for drones. The authority in charge of registration is Federal Aviation Administration. The registration is mandatory with all drones whose weight exceeds .55 pounds (250g). To register the vehicle, you need to be aged 13 or more and pay a $5 fee. After that, you will need to place the identification number on your drone, and every time you are out for a drone journey, you have to have the registration certificate on you, or at least its copy. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

Upon receiving the uin, you are required to comply with the rules of flying a RC aircraft, that include: not flying above 400 feet, avoiding crowded places, avoiding emergencies, not flying near airports and more. If you break any of the rules, you become liable to criminal penalty. The fine can reach $27,500.

2. Europe

If you live in Europe, you don't need to register your drone, rather you have to register yourself, as a drone operator. The registration applies only on people whose aircraft weighs more than 250 g. If your drone is not equipped with a sensor that detects personal data, you will not have to register yourself, no matter the weight of the aircraft. You will need to register yourself with the national aviation authority of your country. Your drone operator licence will be valid in each EU member state.

Moreover, if you have more drones, you will not have to have an operator certificate for each. Your certificate is like a driver's licence, allowing you to drive how many vehicles you want. If you break the rules of flying a drone, you will receive a penalty under the criminal legislation of your country.

3. India

The regulations for drone registration have been put in place in August, 2019, in India. The main act approved by the government is Civil Aviation Requirement Act that provides the regulations and steps a drone owner should take to legalize his aircraft. The authority that is responsible for the registration is Directory General of Civil Aviation that operates the online platform Digital Sky where you can register your craft.

After you register, you get two certificates. One is the unique identification number that you need to stick onto the drone in a visible place. Also, you get a permit for driving a radio-controlled aircraft. You must have the operator permit on you every time you launch the drone in the air, otherwise you risk to get a fine.

In the future, the registration will take place upon buying. In this way, the owner will not have to waste time later on getting the permits. The drone user will also have to buy a tracker, at the time of buying, that will help connect the vehicle to the government's database. The tracker's cost ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 7000.

4. Bangladesh

Bangladesh doesn't require a unique identification number. Still, you will need to apply for a permission to make maneuvers. You have to submit the application 45 days in advance to the national air traffic control authority. In the application, you need to mention your personal data, the purpose of the flight, the brand and dimensions of the drone, the location of the flight and time of the maneuvers.

You have to be at least 18 year old to be allowed to drive a drone in Bangladesh. Also, you need to have completed a pilot school where you have been taught the basics of drone piloting and the rules of flying a radio controlled vehicle in the airspace of Bangladesh.