Drone Walkera Tali h500 is a fpv hexacopter equipped with an HD camera and a gimbal that brings aerial photography to a new level. The device is packed with cutting-edge systems that help it fly smoothly and safely and improve the quality of image. The Devo Transmitter shows a lot of flight data and allows you be in control of the drone while it glides through the sky.

Before buying a RC aircraft, you might have some questions about its way of operation and many other things. We chose the most popular questions asked by future buyers and gave a detailed answer to each to help you get everything straight about Walkera Tali h500 and decide whether you need it or not, eventually.


Why "hexacopter" and how it affects the flight?

While the majority of traditional drones you used to see on TV or YouTube videos are called quadcopters, this one is a bit different. The main difference between a quadcopter and a hexacopter relates to the number of propellers each type of drone has. Most of the drones used for personal or professional purpose have 4 blades, while Walkera Tali has 6 blades.

 When it comes to the effect of the increased number of propellers on the flight, a 6-blade drone is more stable than a 4-blade one, it can fly higher since it's more powerful and it can reach a higher speed. However, there is a disadvantage among all those upsides. Being large in size, a hexacopter can find it difficult to access narrow spaces, like forests, caves, narrow streets and buildings.


What is the role of the gimbal?

Walkera has a gimbal attached to the camera that is aimed at stabilizing the camera when the drone turns or moves against a strong headwind, keeping it always horizontal. The gimbal has also a role in preventing trembling caused by intense motor activity. This helps you get a clear image and a smooth and stable footage.


What type of camera the hexacopter uses?

This 6-propeller drone is equipped with a high-quality iLook camera. If speaking of taking photos, the camera offers a resolution of 13 Megapixel that helps take clear and eye-pleasing shots. When it comes to video recording, the camera offers a frequency of 130 frames per second at 1080p that results in amazing HD short videos and movies that can be used not only for personal needs, but also for professional purpose, like travel videos, wedding shooting, TV advertisments and film-making.


How can the transmitter help me?

The transmitter plays a huge role in controlling the flight. It has an integrated LSD display that shows data about the aircraft's speed, height, location and battery that allow you pilot the vehicle with less effort and perform needed changes to smooth the flight. While a transmitter receives signals from the drone, it also sends signals to it. With that being said, you will need a transmitter to pilot the aircraft. The device is equipped with sticks and buttons that help turn the drone, make it go higher or lower, land or takeoff.  


How much can drone Walkera Tali h500 fly?

The drone has a powerful LiPO battery that provides a maximum flight time of 25 minutes. Being able to fly so much without interruption makes the hexacopter a perfect choice for amateur and professional filmmakers who can shoot long scenes, as well as for photograph enthusiats who love taking hundrends of photos and explore locations fully.


Are there any special flight modes?

The drone is not packed with lots of flight modes, but it has one feature that photograph enthusiasts will definitely appreciate. The drone has an orientation control system based on GPS that allows to control the position of the device in the air and stabilize it. While it's primary role is to ensure a stable flight, the system has the second use, too. By activating the GPS position hold feature, the drone stops and starts hovering in a fixed position without changing its height.


In this way, you can focus on the exploration of a single location or an event, taking as many photos as you want. May be you will need to stop the drone to record a pack of wolves walking, or focus the camera on a forest fire.