If you are a photography enthusiast and are fond of capturing bird's eye views, check out the drone x pro extreme review to make yourself familiar with an amazing device that will help you bring the quality of your aerial photos to a new level. The drone is equipped with a lot of cutting-edge features that help it stand out from the pack with an impressive image quality, easy piloting, stunning maneuverability, great durability and compactness. Throw a glance at the list of features below to get more information about the device.


Why choose drone x pro extreme

1. Outstanding video quality

The drone has a built-in camera delivering a 720p image quality and allowing to capture views at a 120-degree angle. While being small and portable, the camera can record footages and take photos in high definition, making each detail in the objects located far away clearly visible. The coloring spectrum that the camera operates with is wide, recognizing brightest nuances and replicating them exactly on the footage offering a vibrant photography experience.

2. Easy launch and control

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced drone user, you will find it easy to control the flying device. Speaking of takeoff, it takes place without direct human involvement. You just need to press the launch button and the drone takes off automatically. Making the RC plane returning on the ground is also a matter of one-button click. You can use the voice command feature to fly the drone. You have to open the app and voice various commands suggesting the plane which direction to choose, such as: left, right, forwards, backwards.

3. Advanced control features

If you manage to master the basic controls, you can step up to a new level of piloting. You can surprise your friends by performing a spectacular 360 flip that requires outstanding precision skills from you. You can perform also an attitude hold stunt, where you fix the drone in one place at the same height, allowing it to take many shots of one location, while it hovers gently in the air.

4. Choose the drone's trajectory

If you are tired of looking up in the sky, controlling the drone, you can switch to a passive way of piloting. You just need to draw the trajectory you want the drone to follow, and the job is done. Now you can enjoy the amazing views in your phone, while the drone is flying on its own.

5. Obstacle detection

No matter are you controlling the device directly or via trajectory-drawing mode, it will always manage to avoid obstacles. The drone has a built-in obstacle detection system that identifies oncoming objects, predicts their trajectory and speed and moves in a safe area to avoid the impact while slowing down automatically if needed.

6. Instant image transfer

The device connects to your phone using wi-fi and it transmitts the captured views on your phone screen in real time. The transfer of visual data always takes place at high speed, even if the drone departs pretty far from your place.

7. Comfortable storage

As soon as you receive the photos or footages, you can store them on your phone. However, sometimes the storage space avaialble can be full or not enough to fit all photos, or there may be so many pics stored on your SD card that you'll spend ages finding the right one. In this case, you can use the drone's micro SD card to store the photos. You can also use it to transfer the pics on your computer.

8. Compact

As you already noticed from the drone x pro extreme review, the device has a lot of features. An additional one is its compactness and portability. The blades can be folded so you can reduce the size of the drone in half and place it in your backpack while traveling.


First impression about Drone X Pro Extreme

First impression about this amazing aircraft is beyond expectation. The device doesn't need much storage space, as its foldable blades allow it to fit even in a small bag. Moreover, it is lightweight which doesn't make it a burden when carrying it in your backpack or laptop bag. The drone flies smoothly and the controls are easier than one can ever imagine. There are just two sticks and some buttons on the remote control that are highly responsive and you can connect the RC to your phone and pilot the aircraft from it, while seeing what the camera records in real-time.

It is hard to find on the market another device that would work so good and be sold at such an affordable price. This is why, Drone X Pro Extreme is a technology piece that definitely deserves a try.