Drone dji inspire 1 raw zenmuse x5r is an innovation from the worldwide leader in selling drones, Dji, that includes a range of advanced features making the flight even smoother and the image even more beautiful. It is a versatile device that can be used for a myriad of purposes, including wedding shooting, construction site surveying, footage of sporting events and professional film-making. There are so many things you can do with this amazing device. But before launching it in the blue heaven, you may want to know what flight features it provides so that preparing for handling it gets easier. Find below the main technical characteristics of Dji inspire 1.

1. Weight and size

Weight is not something Dji Inspire 1 can brag about. It weighs 16 pounds which would sound too much for some drone users, while others would find it an advantage, since the heavier the flying object, the more resistant to wind it is, and the stabler flight it provides. Comparing to other Dji drones, though, Inspire 1 is quite bulky. It is significantly heavier than Dji Mavic Pro which weighs just 1.8 pounds, making it easier to control, unless we speak about windy weather where the feather drone would get quite unstable and easy to crash.

So having a drone that weighs 16 pounds would come even in handy if you love stability and enjoy flying the drone in any weather. Speaking of precise figures related to drone's size, we have 18 inches (length), 12 inches (width) and 21 inches (height). While a bit bulky comparing to other drones, Inspire still requires little storage space allowing you to store it in the car trunk or a closet.

2. Speed

To understand the speed of the drone, we have to take a look at its motors. Inspire 1 is equipped with four 3510H motors that provide 30% more thrust than previous models. It helps the aircraft develop a speed of 5omph (80kph) in just 5 seconds. Moreover, the maximum speed you can reach is 58mph, which is amazing when the drone has to travel a large distance to the filming spot.

3. Camera  

Well, besides its integrated camera, the drone is also compatible with Raw Zenmuse 5xr from Dji. Many users choose a package that includes this next generation camera, because of its crystal clear image and acute attention to details. Once you mount this camera on your drone, you get breath-taking 4k videos in RAW with an amazing 30 frames per second rate meaning a greater quality for capturing fast-moving objects. RAW mode involves photo files that are not compressed and not processed yet, having a higher quality and looking more natural.

The camera captures stills at 16MP, highlighting the finest details that are of great help when it comes to inspection and surveillance of sites. Additionally, Zenmuse 5xr is equipped with a 5-axis gimbal that stabilizes the camera making it independent on the drone's orientation and position.

4. Battery   

Being more powerful than an average-sized drone, Inspire 1 can take a larger and heavier battery onboard. The dual battery system, consisting of two LiPo batteries, allows for an amazing flight time of 27 minutes, which is great for those that have to survey vast areas or shoot movies.  

5. Obstacle avoidance

Being a next-gen drone, Inspire 1 couldn't come without an obstacle avoidance system. If you are a beginner user or love high speed, you would want to be assured of a system that reduces the risk of crashing. Luckily, this aircraft has an upgraded obstacle avoidance mechanism that considers two directions in the event of an unexpected encounter with an obstacle. This gives the drone more options of avoiding an obstacle, and thus, a higher chance of escaping a crash and damage. Moreover, the drone is equipped with a redundant sensor, which means that the failed main sensor will be immediately replaced by the spare sensor, ensuring the functionality of the system at all times.

All in all, Drone dji inspire 1 raw zenmuse x5r is a high-end rc aircraft that is definitely worth giving a try. It is fast, stable, and flies up to 27 minutes allowing for a lot of 16 MP photos and long 4k footages captured by the Zenmuse x5r camera which is a true innovation from Dji, equipped with gimbal and RAW mode. Moreover, the safety of your device is ensured by a cutting-edge obstacle avoidance system that considers two directions of avoiding dangerous objects.