Are you looking for a hunting buddy to team up with? If that is the case, then you have come to the right place. At, we sell drones built for hunting your hunting needs. Our products have been fitted with thermal imaging tech to give you a clear visual at night. 

We have compiled a list of some of the best haunting drones in the market today. Having said this, let’s jump right in and see what the tech world has installed for us.

Best drones for hunting hogs

Your hog hunting has gotten better with the help of a UAV. Through the device, you can have a bird-sky-view of the terrain and spot the animal easily. Below, we’re going to look at the amazing feature that each brand has and its significance to hunting.   

1.Holy Stone HS100

The device comes with a 720 P video camera that captures real-time footage. The video is clear and even lets one record their hunting adventure. It’s the best self drone to have as your hunting companion.

The best thing about the airplane is you can cover a wider ground compared to other devices. This is because it can fly a distance of 500 meters (1640 ft). Hence, you won’t scare away the hogs when at a distance.

The Holystone has a Headless Mode function, which allows the device to return to its take-off point. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the drone wandering off after your haunt.   


  • The drone has a wide communication range
  • The aircraft can capture high-quality video at a high attitude.
  • Once the single key is pressed, the device takes off and also lands quickly.  


  • It has a limited flight time of 15 minutes, which might interfere with your hog hunting 

2. UPair Quadcopter Drone

What makes the device stand out is the 2.7 k FPV camera that tilts at a 90- degree angle. This, in turn, gives you a closer view of the prey. Moreover, for the device to ensure accuracy, it displays the footage on a 7-inch monitor. 

Hogs are known to be very sensitive animals, a slight shake in the woods; they are gone. Bit, with the UPair Quadcopter drone, you can approach the animal from a safe distance of 800 meters (2625ft). Hence, you can hit your target easily.  

The device can fly for about 18 minutes, which is longer than the Holy Stone. The extra minutes the device gives the hunter a chance to head out for another hunt. Plus, the power from the 5400mAh battery guarantees the hunt is successful.

If you are a beginner head to a first hog hunting adventure, we recommend using this drone as your companion. It easily takes off and has a Headless Mode, which ensures it returns to its initial launching coordinates.


  • The device is user-friendly 
  • The brand is best for beginners since it offers one a longer flight time and coves a wide scope.  


  • The camera might be installed incorrectly, therefore ensure you check it before purchasing the brand.

3.DJI Phantom 4

When it comes to the DJI Phantom 4, it’s a bit expensive but worth every penny. It comes with state-of-art functions that ensure your hunt is successful. The 4K camera offers clear, high-resolution real-time videos and photographs, which are transmitted to your monitor. The drone can be controlled at a wide range of 7 km (4.3 miles). Hence, you won’t need to survey the hunting grounds.  

What makes the brand stand out is that it flies for a maximum of 30 minutes. Hence, you have time to hunt for your prey compared to the UPair Quadcopter. Plus, the drone has an Activate Sports Mode function, allowing one to fly at the desired range if a beginner. However, if you are an experienced pilot, you can customize the device and fly it as high as you want.

For one to keep track of the drone while on the ground, it has a GPS and GLONASS positioning system. Besides that, the device also has an Active Tracking System to monitor the hog's movement when hunting.

At the time, the weather might not be favorable when out haunting, and the drone might crash. However, if that is the case, there is no need to worry. The product has an Optical Sensing Technology, which makes it crash proof.   


  • The product has high-quality footage and is stable while in the air.
  • The brand comes with vital accessories that one might need when out hunting.


  • It’s expensive to acquire, and the firmware updates are difficult to upload. 

Take away   

If you’re always searching for a hunting party to make it fun and enjoy, we recommend getting a hunting drone. The devices have been built to ensure your hunting is a success and a thrill. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the best drones for hog hunting. Hence, grad yourself a drone that understands your needs and head into the woods for a hunt.