How could you find drones under Rs 2000 with camera in India? From professional filmmakers and photographers to amateur ones, drones have become an essential part of capturing the most cinematographic visuals, and even so, some are used as toys. And while they might appear like fancy-tech toys, a high-quality drone is an effective way to add production value to a film project or even get your travel vlog to look 10 times more aesthetic. These visuals are achieved because a drone can reach certain areas and angles that a normal camera can’t. The mechanisms behind achieving an aesthetic view of buildings tops, aerial photography, and videography of practically anything high enough or remote enough to be captured via a helicopter, are powered by a gimbal. This further counteracts the vibration from the propellers. In order to achieve a low light performance, the drone consists of a bigger sensor than the standard one.

With innovations in technology, every new drone is better than the last. In fact, the first-fly model went out 10 years back, and since then we’ve seen a multitude of drones. The current models on the market are plenty, and most achieve the basics of stabilization and video quality. And although there are some expensive drones, the crazy demand in supply has also generated some budget drones. For people who just want to experiment with the gadget, or for new learners of videography or photography, these budget drones are perfect for an initial investment. Because each model comes with different specifications and special features, it becomes challenging to make the right pick- which is why it always pays to do a little research. If that is why you’re here, then this is just the article for you!

We've flown plenty of drones, and these pass the test- here is a list of some excellent drones sold under Rs 2000 in India. Take a look!

1. JJRC H345

Containing two micro foldable RC drones, namely, JJI and JJII, the JJRC H345 offers various features such as Headless Mode, One Key Takeoff / Landing / Return, and a 360-degree flip. The Headless Mode allows the user ultimate direction control, the One Key Takeoff / Landing allows easy descend and ascend, while the One Key Return helps the quadcopter to return to the home point 360-degree Flip helps its user achieve spectacular aerobatic maneuvers. Each quadcopter is incredibly small and pocket-sized.  The two micro foldable RC drones can be flown simultaneously or independently after binding it with the transmitter that comes along with it. Currently available at the price of Rs 1,796.95, this drone has the simplest of operations and so it is a perfect start for beginners.

2. LF609 Drone

This drone comes with a high-definition camera, 4K vision, and is WIFI enabled. It consists of a 1080P dual camera and its altitude hold mode function provides stable flight. Its 360° (3D) Flips enable continuous rolls. The flying time of this drone is a maximum of 25 minutes, and it covers a control distance of 50-80m. The WIFI function can be used to take pictures and videos by connecting to APP, APK systems. The headless mode solves the “loss of orientation” problem. The camera option has 4 versions which include the basic- no camera, a 0.3MP camera, a 5.0 MP camera, and a 4KMP camera. For so many features, this drone is currently priced at Rs 1,401- which makes it a crazy good deal!

3. HJ14W

This remote-controlled, aerial photography drone has a 200W pixel camera. Sold as a gift toy, the HJ14W covers a remote distance of about 100 meters. It is WIFI enabled and real-time transmission distance of the FPV is 60-80 meters. The flight time of this device is 6- 8 minutes. The package containing this device includes an RC drone, a remote control, 4 standby blades, 4 blade protection covers, a USB charging head, a screwdriver, a phone holder, and an instruction manual.

And there you have it, folks! If you’re looking to buy your first drone, then we hope this helps you in the process. Though 90% of the drones available under Rs 2000 are toy drones and don’t contain a camera, there is a handful that gives you exactly what you’ve been looking for. We hope you find better deals and newer products- until then, check out these products and get started to have a rather cinematic adventure ahead. May the sales be with you!