Looking for a new fixed-wing FPV? There’s no doubt that Orbit Neon is the best option in the market. Searching for its name on the internet you will be able to find hundreds of positive reviews and comments that testify this information.

ZOHD has been a protagonist in the RC planes market since 2012, mastering the art of designing and producing a big variety of drones. As the Orbit Neon is an evolution of the ZOHD previous model MKII, it was thought to be even lighter and easier to set up, becoming widely accessible to different kinds of consumers.

If you are a drone lover willing to try piloting a fixed wing fpv, but think it’s too complicated when compared to tricopters or quadcopters, this is the perfect chance for you to adapt to this kind of airmodel. The ZOHD Orbit Neon flies smoothly and gives the inexperienced pilots the confidence to try new maneuvers. You can get yours at horusrc.com (HorusRC online shop) for just $129,99!

Versatility as a surname

By virtue of its big velocity range, which goes from 25 to 100+ km/h, this drone is very multifunctional. Depending on how it’s set it can be as docile for slow easy filming or as fast as a wing racer, displaying good versatility.

Orbit is also capable of adapting to the sky’s condition and to the owner’s will. Its LED lights grant good flights at night but on the other hand, when they are turned off this wing is a powerful fpv allowing an amazing experience as if you were on the cockpit. The LED lights are soldering-free, being super easy to plug and unplug them in seconds.

New stabilization system

The traditional Orbit was already a true sales champion, highly rated as one of the easiest wings to pilot. However, the ZOHD team accepted the challenge of renewing the drone stabilization algorithm, toward making the Orbit Neon stall characteristics on its wings really gentle.

The stabilizer will always rescue the drone and bring it around, even in bad flight conditions, which makes this fixed wing fpv a good choice even for beginners, as it really handles like a dream.

Needless to say that this product is still an amazing choice for those who are already seasoned pros in wings. It will certainly provide loads of fun, giving new perspectives and unprecedented experiences.

Flying at night

In addition to its new stabilization system, Orbit is the world's first snap-n-fly portable fpv wing with built-in LED for night flying. Due to orbits' powerful lights, it can fly in almost every condition and the pilot goes on having fun even when the sun goes down.

Also, the LED system enables a greater range of action in the line of sight than just flying in open daylight. Green and red lights give the pilot a good notion of attitude and direction of the wing while the white belly light allows safe loops and rolls at night keeping absolute control.


Carefully thought for the final consumer

It’s visible that the ZOHD Orbit Neon was developed keeping the end-user in mind. This drone is an excellent experience since the unboxing. The Orbit comes divided in three parts, two wings (with carbon fiber spars for reinforcement) and the fuselage, all of them made of best quality EPP foam, which guarantees a light and flexible plane.

There’s no need for any kind of glue to attach all the parts together since they have intern carbon plugs that fit in perfectly, which is great to carry it everywhere you want to. Also, in case of a nasty crash, some of the energy will be absorbed by the wings coming off.

Its CG bumps under wings for perfect balance at the airfield and an easy couple of the batteries. The plane also has a cooling system, ensuring safety. Moreover, it never crashes in take-offs since its system guarantees autonomous flight directly after hand-launch.

Where to buy it?

If by this point you are asking yourself where to find Orbit Neon, be aware that you can purchase it on Horus.com for only $129,99, an astonishing cost-benefit!