Since the number of RC hobbyists and enthusiasts that are looking for improvements in their gear for more professional flights is always increasing, here we present one of the devices developed by FrSky to provide better flight stabilization for rc planes and drones: the M9 Hall Sensor gimbal Black and Red Panel for Taranis X9D & X9D Plus.

As expected from a product made by FrSky, in addition to the improvements in your radio’s flight stabilization system, the M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal comes with many other strong points, such as adjustable tension that ensures operation at different voltages and currents, as well as the fine mechanics brought up by constructive planning.

To sum it up, this gimbal is an accessible technology that is sure to enhance maneuverability, giving hobbyists the higher quality and premium experience they want in the feel of their hands. Replace your Taranis X9D’s stock gimbal with this high sensitivity hall sensor gimbal and upgrade your radio transmitter for $20.50 at HorusRC. It will certainly be worth it!


FrSky M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal in black and red panel colors


The FrSky M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal is an additional device to be installed on the Taranis X9D or Taranis X9d Plus transmitters. As its name already indicates, one of its greatest characteristics is the Hall Sensor system, which is a sensor that mainly improves both flight stabilization and controllability precision. This guarantees that the mechanical action will be carried out promptly, without unforeseen circumstances.

Another very relevant feature in its composition is the 4-ball bearings, which provide the handling in such a way that it supports axial loads in both axes. When combined with the 4 mm stick, the result is greater firmness and security, while ensuring control of the RC vehicle. These attributes support an easy adjustment in the friction of the stick, and then, in smooth handling.

As previously mentioned, the FrSky M9 Gimbal is an accessory that you can easily attach to the radio transmitter to better the maneuverability of your plane, due to the aforementioned sensor. It results in greater precision at giving commands and prevents sudden and dangerous movements since the plane is able to center more easily without swaying, which makes the experience of piloting even more pleasant and more professional.

With this gimbal device, you’ll also be able to choose whether or not to have auto-centering enabled on both axes, leaving the users with the ability to choose what is most comfortable for them. This flexibility is something rare to find among the gimbals in the market nowadays and is another feature that makes this product stand out. It is undeniably remarkable!

A product carefully thought for its users

One of the counted attractions of the M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal is its robustness and high-quality material selected during the planning and construction of its body. From quadruple ball bearings to the use of metal bars in its design instead of using plastic, the project of this product is guided towards durability. Thus, less wear is seen, and consequently, a better cost-benefit ratio in the medium/long term.

In addition, the installation of the device is more practical than the conventional one, making it a great option for those who seek functionality and efficiency, thus being suitable for both amateurs and professionals. The FrSky RC YouTube channel itself provides the necessary instructions in a video that gives step-by-step instructions on how to install the product so that it is even more practical. These videos can also be watched at!

To keep it is simple and clear to you, it is worth saying that the M9 Gimbal is part of the line of interest of people looking for functionality. This is because its installation mode is plug and play, that is, its adjustment in Taranis controllers (X9D and X9d Plus) is hassle-free and demands very little effort, requiring only a subsequent calibration with the new item added.


Interior of the FrSky M9 Gimbal

You can notice the use of high-quality materials in its manufacture

Therefore, it is evident that the M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal is a high technology accessory to cover the needs of users because it is accessible, well-regarded, and planned in the smallest details. It is certainly worth the acquisition to upgrade the radio transmitter and consequently the experience of flight. For more information and technical specifications about the product that is already available, visit now the website