In today's article we are going to talk about which products to choose between the flysky or frsky brands. We will look at different factors to make the decision that most convinces us. For example, the physical form of the transmitters or the price of the brand's products. Then at the end of this writing I will show a brief personal opinion about the products of these 2 brands.


We started talking about the flysky company.

Before having my first frsky station, the taranis x9d plus, I had 2 stations from the flysky company. The flysky fs i6 and the th9x these stations for people who are starting in this hobby are very good and have enough options to fly drones, which is what I use the most.

The most popular flysky model is the fs i6, which is the simplest station in the range but its price is what makes it accessible to the public, which usually costs about € 30 and with that small outlay you can try the hobby of radio control and you can also Practice with your drone. In this station you can create different models you can also handle fpv planes and wings.


Disadvantages of this model fs i6 is a station that you can not increase the memory, you can not put sounds, it does not have the option of putting a lite module or a jr module and the last drawback is that they work with AA batteries, I would put it with the option of being able to be powered by lipo battery.

We continue talking about the flysky radio station th9x. This is for my taste the most complete model of the brand since it covers all the shortcomings of its previous model.

We are going to explain these changes a bit, we started talking about the power supply of the station, the fs i6 model was powered by AA batteries and the th9x is powered by a 11.1v lipo battery, another improvement that the flysky th9x incorporates the option to insert on the back of the transmitter modules in Jr format, that is to say a crossfire or an r9m or a multiprotocol module among others. The latest improvement is that you can update the firmware.


We continue talking about frsky stations, I will focus on the cheapest models so that it is a somewhat fairer comparison

I will start by talking about the station Frsky taranis qx7. I would recommend this radio model to all the people who are starting out in the world of radio control since for its low cost (less than € 100) it brings all the necessary options for the practice of model aircraft and this station will be useful during a long period of time.

We are going to talk briefly about its characteristics. It incorporates 8 switches of which 6 are 3-position and 2-position. Gimbals are soft and comfortable and quite fluid. They have a screen that shows the data obtained from the aircraft through telemetry or the status of the position of the switches.


This transmitter model also incorporates in the back a bay for the introduction of jr modules. To conclude with this model I explain that in the lower part under a rubber cover it has the 3-pin port for the placement of receivers to be updated and the mini usb connector to connect the station to the simulator or to the computer to update the open tx firmware or add audio files. For example, to notify you when you arm the engines or when you change your flight.

Personal opinion.

In my experience, flysky has some simple and very inexpensive models with somewhat scarce options but enough to start in the world of radio control without making a very high outlay.On the other hand, frsky also has some simple models such as the taranis xlite so the taranis x9 lite which are also stations that serve to get you started in the hobby, but this will be worth it in the future without falling short.

I don't see that one brand is better than another, they are simply different and each one has its own things.