In today's article we will deal with the issue of which station to choose between the flysky to Frsky brands. Both brands manufacture rc transmitters for all types of vehicles or aircraft. Both brands have affordable models and higher priced models. What is certain that Frsky has a wider product range of transmitters as well as receivers and accessories.

We will start talking about Flysky, this brand is somewhat cheaper in general you can find its most famous model from € 30 the flysky fsi6 this factory station comes with 6 channels but there is a firmware update that allows you to update it to 10 channels. The receivers compatible with this station range between € 7 and € 20.


Flysky has a station that I like a lot, which is the TH9X, which has a size and shape and a size very similar to a taranis x9d +, it has 8 channels as standard and the main feature of this station is that it has the Option to place external JR modules such as the tbs crossfire or the Frsky r9mentre others.


For my taste, this company is good for people who are starting in the world of radio control since it has low-cost products of quite acceptable quality, the only drawback that I find with the flysky company is the lack of range, I would not risk taking a drone too far for fear that it would fail safe and the drone would fall and get lost. But for example for racing drones it is fine because the circuits are not excessively large.


We continue this article dealing with the Frsky brand, this brand has been manufacturing radio control stations for professional and hobby use for a few years. It has accessories for everyone, one more expensive than others.

For example, to a person who is starting in radio control hobbies, I would recommend the Frsky xlite or x9 lite or taranis qx7 stations, these models are quite inexpensive and even so they have everything you need to practice the hobby without any problem. Frsky receivers are compatible with almost all transmitter models, always respecting that they follow the same protocol, be it acess or acsst, and respecting that the transmitter and receiver are European EU or international FCC mode.

Let's talk about economic models; First of all we will talk about the taranis x9 lite station, this model went on sale relatively recently this station supports the two protocols acess and acst in D16 mode and is compatible with receivers such as the xm + and the rxsr among others. It also has an outlet on the back for mini format modules such as the Frsky r9 mini module. This station has an approximate price of € 90, it is a fairly low and accessible price, ideal for people with small hands as it is smaller than a x9d + taranis.

We are going to talk about the frsky xlite s station that has the same characteristics as the x9 lite / x9 lite S, the only thing it has is that the gimbals run is shorter, the size of the display is also somewhat smaller. I recommend it for children since it makes them more ergonomic for their hands, which makes it easier for them to learn this hobby,high ighting from this model that the transmitter's batteries can be recharged by USB or with a Smartphone charger.


To conclude with this article we will talk about the station Frsky taranis qx7. This station is somewhat wider in size than a taranis x9d plus, only compatible with the accst protocol but in its favor it has to be compatible with D16 mode with receivers such as xsr or xm and it is also compatible with receivers in D8 mode, These are usually used by small drones that usually have it integrated into the controller board, such as the emax tiny hawk or the eachine us65 among others.


Personal opinion: for my taste I like Frsky products more because it has a much wider variety than flysky and also Frsky products have a very broad community of people behind who can help you if you have any problema.