Years ago in the fpv world started to appear racing drones, between many pilots creating a race to start competing with their drones.

Like racing cars, racing drones appeared and also appeared the fpv competition.Now the fpv competition is so popular between this community and now in all the countries there are lots of races.

Here I'm going to explain how to participate in races, some advices to help you and explain some different leagues.


How can you participate in a fpv competition?

First of all we need to know that a fpv competition is a race between many pilots, normally you have to get a qualifying time to get an opportunity to enter on the quarter finals, semifinals and finals.In different competitions you can participate in other classification depending on your flying level.Around the world we have some many FAI races, FAI means Word Air Sports Federation, this federation organize lots of races around the world, with these races you can get points to get into the FAI ranking.

At the end of the year, pilots of differents countries come to participate to the big final of the FAI drone racing and get the title of the best racing pilot.

Advices for a fpv competition:

 1-Get prepared:

First of all before your race is start to prepare your material and improve your flying level.

You must need to carry to the race from 2 to 4 drones and replacement parts, it’s important to have the same pieces in all the drones, it will help you to have the same flying style with all your quads.

It’s important to train a lot before the race, it will help you to get better and start to be more trusted with your drones.


Probably in your race you will have training batteries to learn the track, then you will have qualifying batteries and you have to set times, and then if you qualify you get into the quarters to finals.

On the training batteries you have to start flying slow in the first two laps and if you need to do one obstacle one more time it doesn’t matter, you can do it, when you know the track you have to start growing up your speed on each lap.

Then on the last lap in your last training battery you have to do a very fast lap without breaking anything.

Then on the qualifying you have to do your best and push hard to get your best time, then if you get a good qualifying time you can get focused on being constant for the real race.

You have to place first or second in the quarters finals and in semifinals to go to the next round.

If you entered to the finals on your fpv competition , congratulations, now in the finals you probably can find two different formats, chase the ace and the only one race.

Chase the ace means that one pilot has to get two wins to get the first place, then the other places are determined by points.

Fpv competition leagues:

Around the world we have different drone racing leagues, here I'm going to talk about the Iberian Drone League ( IDL ).

The iberian drone league is a league on spain, where differents teams participate on grand prix to get points for become a champion on the big final.

In the iberian drone league appear a new competition format, on the first day of competition the teams have two training batteries to recognise the track, then all the teams do one battery versus each team to get points to qualify.

In this race only qualify 4 teams and it starts on semifinals.

First the teams do 2vs2 races and then 4vs4 races, in the 2vs2 races the pilot who placed first get 2 points and the pilot who placed second get 1 point, in the 4vs4 race the pilot who placed first get 3 points, the pilot who placed second get 2 points and the third place get 1 point.

the team with more points go to the next round.

This is the fpv competition world, let’s go to give our best!!