Can you imagine that the drone you bought has just arrived and with a few simple steps you can put it in the air, no solder, no screw to turn, not a single work to do, just open a box, plug the battery, bind the radio, and be ready to fly… this is what an FPV drone BNF is capable of offering!

But where does the “BNF” term comes from? BNF comes from Bind-N-Fly”, meaning that everything in the drone is set-up to easily fly, and the only thing to do is bind with your chose radio. Those types of drones are always a good option for beginners since they offer a quick way to be in the air.

With a BNF Drone, avoiding common mistakes becomes quite simple! You won’t even need to worry about making a mess with soldering iron or putting the wrong parts together, burning electronics, and losing everything that was invested in your drone.

Nice! But which one do I choose?

Among so many options in the marketing, a very high-end good option is coming soon to HorusRC’s online shop: we are talking about the FrSky VANTAC Swoop SQ130 BNF - a quad that comes with everything you would ever wish for, such as a high-quality camera, extremely powerful motors, high quality, and lightweight airframe, and high-end ESC and VTX.

This setup will deliver you an extremely satisfactory flight. This drone comes with a FrSky receiver, allowing you to bind with every FrSky radio available, that you can also buy at HorusRC!

What does it bring to the table?

This quad comes with:

  • the RunCam Robin, a premium FPV camera that delivers astonishing images;
  • the FrSky Scout VS600 Black VTX. With up to 600mW of power, it will surely grant you a strong video signal wherever you fly;
  • the reliable Ori32 25A ESC, that will guarantee a safe and smooth flight;
  • powerful 1406 3300kV motors, combined with 3-inch Gemfan 3052 propellers that will make your quad fly and sound like a rocket;
  • And last but not least, an RXSR-FC, an Omnibus F4 nano FC combined with the best FrSky RX available in the market, providing to this quad a high-quality radio link and powerful processing capability.

The firmware that will blow your mind!

To ensure that you will have a very smooth flight, the RXSR-FC FrSky FC runs the BetaFlight firmware - an open-source firmware that is able to catch every single step in your flight, guarantee extremely stable moves, handle prop wash and motor’s vibration really well, and able to talk to every single component in this quad.

The BetaFlight, also known as BF, strives to be in constant development, always bringing forth very good features to the market, they are ready to solve every single bug you may have. But do not worry! The probability of you suffering from malfunctioning or bugs is nearly zero. BF is a truly reliable FirmWare. Users can almost feel like that would be able to fly with their closed eyes and trust that the drone will perform well!

Do I need a FrSky radio to fly this drone?

You don’t necessarily need a FrSky radio to fly this drone. Any FrSky X module will be able to talk with it, but since we are talking about high-end products, for sure you will wanna have a FrSky radio! And a pretty good option we strongly suggest is the FrSky Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019.

This transmitter comes with a nice screen, high-quality hall sensor gimbals, and a lot of switches to play around with. Running the OpenTX firmware, this radio is able to show you how freedom in the RC world works. It is capable of running scripts, a bunch of programs, logical switches, and even sound alarms. This radio can talk to you!

You can even create your own songs and customize the radio with them, making every single sound alarm a call for yourself. Not so much a fan of hearing sounds while flying? No problems! This radio can also give you haptic feedback, allowing you to feel it in your hand every time you need to know something. It is all in your control!

I don’t know anything about programming, what now?

Since OpenTX is an Open Source project and basically the most used radio system in the FPV hobby, you will find a lot of tutorials on the internet, in every single language you can imagine, making an easy learn step to make you best at the hobby, and, with its user-friendly interface, everything becomes an easy step to go.

So, what are you waiting for to get your equipment ready to fly? Go in the air with the most high-end options in the market and have a lot of fun flying!