100% of the FPV pilots will guarantee that the best way to get used to flying is using an FPV drone simulator since it helps to form the muscle memories needed to confidently perform any maneuver or even a slow and simple flight. If you wanna become a professional pilot practice on a simulator will prepare you to avoid crashing a lot, something that is pretty common in this hobby, which will also help you save money.

So here we will tell you what you need to fly in a simulator and what are the main options available on the market. A cool thing to say is that what we will talk about here is valid for beginners and even pro pilots, no matter how much hours of flight experience you already have, training in a simulator will always improve your skills and allow you to also create new maneuvers to impress your friends and everyone that follow your social media.

Flying with a keyboard and mouse?

Since the simulators run on PCs, It’s pretty common to think that you will control the drone with a keyboard or mouse, or even that you can connect a console’s controller to your PC, like a PS4 or XBOX’s controller, but a cool thing about the majority of the radios available is that they can work as a controller on the PC

Muscle memory is key when talking about FPV drones. Knowing how to react in every single moment is necessary to avoid a lot of crashes. So, training in a controller different from the one you will really fly with can create wrong muscle memory and slow your learning process, this is why using the simulator with your real radio drone is essential.

For a beginner, which radio to choose?

FrSky has some pretty good options for radios, varying in size and ways to grab in your hand that. We are sure you will find the perfect one for you, and the FrSky Taranis series is the best to choose. You can buy every single one in HorusRC’s online store!

The FrSky Taranis Series comes with the OpenTX Firmware and a USB port on it, it allows you to plug directly on the PC and run like any other video game controller, allowing you to fly on the simulator with your truly quad’s radio.

What is the best simulator?

You will have to decide the best one for yourself. It is a truly personal choice, but we do have some simulators that contrast from the others, and those are the DRL Sim, Liftoff and VelociDrone, you will hear a lot of professional pilots talking about which one is the best for them, but as we said, it is a personal choice.

Do I have to pay for them?

Those three options we told before are paid simulators but do not see it like some expensive thing to afford or a waste of money, see the simulator as an investment for your skills and a way to save your quad from a lot of crash, which means saving you a lot of money. In the end, you will save way more money than what you spent on the simulator.

But we do have some free options for you on the market. Freerider is the most known free simulator that can deliver a good experience for you, getting you a little of the feeling on flying these machines, but get knowing that since they are free, they are limited in a bunch of ways, a full experience you can get only on those full paid simulators.

How close to reality can they be?

Just to give a notion, the DRL Simulator has a virtual competition that gives to the winner a full contract as a drone pilot to compete in real DRL races, it is a really good contract in terms of money, and competing in the DRL races is something only for the professional pilots.

Velocidrone has a big community doing pretty cool things for the sim, they are always creating new tracks and doing daily or weekly competitions on the simulator, always looking for good pilots in the scoreboard to represent and compete in real races.

And Liftoff is always creating new tracks in partnership with pro pilots, doing some well-known place of the community virtual so everybody in the world can feel how it is to be a professional pilot in those places.

We hope we give you a good vision about why it is important to get a simulator and trainee a lot and what are the best options to choose on the controller side and in the simulator side. See you soon at HorusRC Store and in the races competing to be the best.