With the rising popularity of RC drones and the increase in pilots and lovers of this hobby, a wide variety of products for this activity appeared on the market, and with so many options, it can be difficult for a beginner to find an fpv drone starter kit. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the best drone starter kit available on Horusrc.com, perfect for those that just started.

This combo contains a drone and an RC transmitter, both practical and full of FrSky technology. The transmitter of this kit is the X Lite S, which has a modern design imitating a video game controller, and one of its strong attractions for beginner pilots is the presence of the PARA wireless trainer function, very useful for training.

Accompanying the X Lite S, comes the FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 Tilt-Rotor FPV Tricopter, an elegant three-rotor drone whose greatest attraction is the existence of three flight modes, adapting to both novice and more experienced pilots.

The transmitter

First, we will talk about the radio: as already mentioned, a great advantage of the X Lite S is the PARA wireless trainer function, as it allows the connection of different radios remotely and the use of the transmitter in online flight simulators, facilitating familiarization of the new pilot with the device and its interaction with the drone.

In addition, the transmitter also connects with the FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S, applications for monitoring telemetry on mobile devices.

The ACCESS protocol (Advanced Communication Control Elevated Spread Spectrum) is another differential of the X Lite S, since it was developed to improve the flight experience and the reliability of the transmission. It is currently the most advanced on the market. Its Advanced Cryptography Algorithm, developed by FrSky itself, blocks signal interference, so even inexperienced pilots can feel completely safe.

A procedure that may seem complicated for those who are not yet familiar with it is the binding of the receivers. But, with the ACCESS Smart Match - Registration & Automatic binding function, the user can rest assured about this process. Thanks to this function, once the receiver is registered in the transmitter, it can be accessed at any time without the need for the F/S button.

If you recently decided to venture out with FPV drones, you may have noticed that some pilots prefer to use the gimbals while others prefer to do it with a pinch movement, and due to the highly accurate M12 gimbals, the RC transmitter of the combo from FrSky serves both modalities. In addition, the innovative design brings comfort and practicality with its ergonomic shape and easy handling.

You may also have noticed that many FrSky RC transmitters use the OpenTX system - and the X Lite S is no different. This system is not only very efficient but also easy to program and understand, once again making the product more inviting to beginners in the hobby. It can be updated by connecting the device to your computer via the radio's Mini USB port.

The tricopter

We will now talk about the FPV drone of the combo: it has been said previously that the device has three flight modes, which makes it extremely versatile and interesting especially for beginners, as it follows the evolution of the pilot. In the first mode (angle), the tricopter is level with the horizon with little freedom of movement, giving tranquility to those who are still learning.

In the second mode (horizon), it is allowed to change the level of altitude at which the equipment is flying. With this, the pilot can start taking risks in new movements, but maintains safety. And finally, in the third mode (acro), he acquires all degrees of freedom. In this mode, the pilot has 100% control over the drone and can take risks in new maneuvers to test his skill.

With all this information about the transmitter and tricopter, it is not difficult to see that this fpv drone starter kit will make the process of adapting an FPV drone enthusiast much easier and more fun. The individual cost-benefit of the products is already excellent, and when purchased together the price becomes even more advantageous.

The FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 Tilt-Rotor FPV Tricopter and X Lite S Transmitter combo is available on horusrc.com for $ 299.99.