Many FPVpilots are part of FPV flight clubs. These clubs are a great place to hang out with people with similar tastes, learn new things about the hobby, and share experiences about equipment. One thing that is common all around the world in such environments is a friendly competition on who has the best gear.

Today, I present one option of a transmitter for those who are looking to impress their peers: the Frsky Horus X12S 16 Channels Transmitter Inbuilt GPS Module. This is FrSky’s flagship radio on the Horus line and comes with a bunch of functions and unique qualities, such as a built-in GPS module, integrated gyroscope and accelerometer, a full-color LCD screen and OpenTX compatibility.

But besides all of its amazing features, and there are many, what really draws attention is the high-quality of this transmitter. And the best of all, it has a surprisingly affordable price for its capabilities: you can find it for only $399.99 at HorusRC online shop -

Top-notch quality

FrSky is known for making the best radios for the FPV RC hobby, always paying great attention to the quality of their products, from the more affordable to the most premium options. This is no different for the X12S. In fact, the care they put on the materials and details of their flagship radio is off the charts, and pretty much unparalleled.

There are three options of finish to choose from: textured, space gray and silver. The textured one has a different feel to it that many people will love, while the space gray is very classy and the silver is more futuristic looking. All of them are beautiful, timeless designs that will delight pilots in FPV flight clubs with all kinds of tastes.


An abundance of controls

The sense of high-quality continues on the controls. There are a total of 8 switches, including sprung, two-position, and three-position switches, and they are in a small angle, so they are both comfortable to toggle and easy to reach. There are also two sliding dials on the top and three on the front, made of aluminum, of which two are pots and the middle one is a 6 position encoder.

All of the switches, sliders, and rotating buttons are easily programmable and have a nice feel to them. And, of course, the same quality and smoothness are present in the sliders on the front of the radio, the digital trims, and the two assignable buttons. On the lower part of the Horus X12S, two buttons allow for fast and easy menu navigation.

The on-off switch is protected by a sturdy, custom-made aluminum casing, which prevents accidentally turning off the transmitter during flight. For extra safety, there is also a confirmation screen before the transmitter turns off. And to finish off on the controls there are of course the hall sensor gimbals, with 6 bearings and extendible ends.


Assembly and flight experience

All of the assemblies are made perfect by CNC machined parts. The use of aluminum makes so this transmitter is a durable and resistant product, with a great feel to it. This can also be felt on the handle, which is sturdy and has plenty of room for the hand.

All of this makes for a very comfortable flying experience. The rubber pads on the back allow for long flying sessions, keeping the hands pain free. The extra bit of width, when compared to other radios, is not a real problem, as all of the controllers are still easy to reach and might even lead to an even more comfortable flying experience.

To fit all of the great functions inside it this transmitter is a bit heavier. At 1320g, it’s weight isn’t much different than other comparable transmitters, and for most pilots shouldn’t be a problem. The extra grams make it feel even more like a high-quality product. But, for those who like lighter radios, the Horus X12S comes with a nice looking and wide neck-strap, that solves that problem

On top of all that, this radio comes in a high-quality case for transportation. This allows pilots to carry around the transmitter safely and easily while impressing any other RC pilots in their flight club.