There are many models of FPV freestyle drone with quadrotors configuration in the market, with different applications, and sizes. And the FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 Tilt-Rotor FPV Tricopter and X Lite S Transmitter combo is an outstanding drone that comes with 3 rotors capable of performing as well as any other drone with quadcopter configuration, or even better.

This triple configuration allows it to get more agility during the flights, and, because of its characteristic to tilt the front rotors, your vision on FPV camera is not affected while flying or moving a lot, allowing for high quality in the pilot’s desired image or video. This type of drone can be found on HorusRC’s website.

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Drone + Transmitter combo overview

The FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 Tilt-Rotor FPV Tricopter and X Lite S Transmitter combo is an FPV freestyle drone that works with 3 rotors. This unconventional airframe configuration is really easy to control because of its stability, with two servos to tilt its front rotors.

This unique configuration of triple rotors allows the FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 Tilt-Rotor to fly with different modes and maneuvers, and it’s important to do note that it is really not just some toy. The two front rotors can tilt with dual servos to control the drone in all axis, that is equipped with an integrated 6-axis gyro sensor.

Equipped with XSRF3O, this board is capable of handling a 6S battery with current sensors, featuring the latest Accelerometer and Gyro technology, an integrated XSR receiver, a full-duplex telemetry receiver, 8 PWM output signal lines for ESCs and Servos and OSD configuration have also been included. Moreover, it can also send telemetry information back to the transmitter via Smart Port.

To complete this great integrated system, the motors of the FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 Tilt-Rotor is a 1308 2500 KV brushless motor mounted with four-inch blades, powered through a FrESC3IN1_20A ESC with a 1300mAh 3S lipo battery, that will grant you a solid 10-minutes flying period to play with the freestyle drone.

Categorized with the “X lite S” tag, the transmitter included in this combo is a new compact X-lite with some upgrades from FrSky. FrSKy’s X-Lite S version combines the benefits of a preceding design with the features of a full-size radio, along with the newly developed ACCESS (Advanced Communication Control, Elevated Spread Spectrum) protocol to this FPV freestyle drone.

Cool features

Two other key features that are included on the FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 Tilt-Rotor are the check airwave function for RF noise with the analysis of OpenTX firmware and the PARA wireless trainer function, which makes it compatible with the FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S for FPV drones.

A great thing that the pilots can benefit from is the even lower latency of video transmission and the enhanced performance in video quality due to the ACCESS transmission protocol. With the 6-axis sensor-equipped, the pilots can use the radio as a motion-sensing controller to send inputs of a model during flights or use it to point the camera to any direction on this FPV freestyle drone.

Different from many drones, the FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 has wheels mounted in its structure to run it along the ground and prevent heavy damage in case of a rough landing. There is also a durable protector for the propellers and a plastic fuselage to house all the electrical components inside it.

The flight controller can be accessed at the bottom of the VANTAC ROVER3 and it is closed with a cover secured by four screws. The VTX is attached to the cover and connected with a JST connector, that can be easily disconnected. The circuits are crammed to save space, thus, to access the USB port for eventual firmware updating process, the circuits can be lifted as a whole.

To update the firmware of the FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 Tilt-Rotor, you need to download the betaflight software, that can be found on GitHub. In the app, you can choose the drone and change manually each of the configurations. It’s also possible to see the telemetric working displayed in the program.