Probably you are an advanced fpv pilot and now it’s the time to find your fpv freestyle setup, here i bring you one of the best freestyle setup that you can find.

This freestyle setup allows you to do any tricks.

Here is the components list and why you have to choose it and not others:

 -Frame: Antimatter quark

The frame had to meet four fundamental requirements, center of gravity centered on the 3 axes, true-X geometry, integrated anti-shake system and a clean vision with a full-size fpv camera.

In order for the center of gravity to be centered on the three axes, it was necessary to use spacers of a maximum of 25mm, this manages to center the center of gravity on the propellers.

The chassis is the smallest on the market with battery on top and pure X geometry, 230mm, which improves performance by reducing the moment of inertia of the whole set.

This is the best frame for your fpv freestyle setup, i can asegurate that it's too difficult to break.

-Flight controller: HGLRC DJI Zeus F722 3-6S F7


The Zeus F722 FC supports Betaflight, Emuflight, and iNav firmwares.

After the price drop, it is currently only $26.99! about the same price as any F4 FC. This flight controller includes some Plug & Play ports for DJI Air Unit, GPS and LEDs!

Also include a good surface for have crossfire and tbs pro 32 nano

-ESC: HGLRC Forward 60A 3-6S BLHeli 32 4in1 ESC for FPV Racing Drone


This excellent quality esc includes the Brand New STM32F051 32-bit MCU, that supports up to 48MHZ running frequency.

This esc brings an Immersion gold design with a heat and a current resistance, it has a CNC heat sink that offers a high thermal conductivity.

This esc is the best that I have ever tested, and it’s so difficult to break, it’s a good option for a fpv freestyle setup.


-Fpv camera: RunCam Phoenix 2


This RunCam camera includes some upgrades like the camera MCU and now added a bigger 1/2” image sensor .

Phoenix 2 has a  low light performance and is even better than the RunCam Eagle. The newest 6 layers M12 glass lens has a ƒ/2.0 aperture which gives you a less red lens flare and a less purple fringing effect, with this camera you can see everything on your fpv freestyle setup.

-Motors: Hobbywing xrotor 2207 1750kv


The Hobbywing Xrotor 2207 Race Motor has been designed for the top competitive pilots of the FPV racing scene, but also some fpv freestyle pilots have chosen this motors cause their best specs are it’s weight and its low amps draw for having a long flight time. Also these motors have been made to provide extreme power pull, with a rapid response to the throttle commands.

Some of the characteristics off this motors are:

● Includes a High quality 7075 aluminum, and a high-precision CNC Machining technology that produces a highest strength and axial concentricity.

● The hollow Titanium shaft reduces the shafts overall weight by a 50%.

● The EZO bearings are high-quality bearings, the best available, providing longer life and lower noise.

This motor without dude is perfect for any build but i think that it’s perfect for a fpv freestyle setup.

-Video transmitter: Tramp Nano – 5.8GHz Video Transmitter


With a size of Only 18x13mm, and the weight of 1.01g, the Tramp Nano for the moment is the best video transmitter that you can buy, it has an output power from 0.1mw(pit mode) to 500mw.

The Tramp Nano vtx is operating with 5V regulated supply that most flight controllers have at these days, and it doesn’t require a specific dedicated connection to the flight battery, that probably consumes more power.

With this vtx you are going to have a good video quality on your fpv freestyle setup.

 -Props: Dalprop nepal n1


The dalprop nepal n1 props is the best freestyle prop that is now on the market, this freestyle prop has the best design for the moment, with this design the prop allows you to have less electrical noise, less propwash and this without loosing control and pull power.

In a long time it’s going to be the best prop for a fpv freestyle setup.

-Video antenna: Foxeer lollipop v3


After testing a lot of differents video antennas i can comprove that the foxeer lollipop v3 is one of the best antennas and cheap antenna that you can use for your fpv freestyle setup, this antenna gives you a good quality image video in a long distance or a good image between walls.

Without dude you can think to buy this antenna.