Fpv frsky accessories are many and very varied. Frsky and horus rc brands make and distribute a wide variety of items for fpv flight activity. It has stations such as the taranis or the most professional horus. They also have a wide variety of receptors. They also have modules known as r9m for large stations and r9 mini for smaller stations. I recently discovered on their website that they also sell controller boards with a built-in receiver.

Components of the frsky brand to integrate into racing or freestyle drones:


We will start by choosing a good trasmitter and a good receiver.

In my experience, I recommend the taranis x9d plus se and if you like transmitters a little smaller I would recommend the taranis xlite S. Broadly speaking, both are compatible with d16 accst and support the new access protocol system.

For drones between 180 and 250mm I recommend the reduced size receivers like the xm + or the rxsr. The xm + does not have telemetry and is very cheap in the horus rc store this 13 $ and the rxsr receiver is a receiver of a somewhat smaller size, it has the telemetry system and has a cost according to horus rc of $ 19.89 both use the sbus signal system and in accst mode d16.


Optional long range:

The frsky r9 system is ideal for people who want to get started on long-distance fpv flights. Furthermore, this system can be coupled to an infinity of stations apart from frsky's since the module has the standard format that can be placed by Example in the taranis x9d or qx7 or horus x12 among others and then there is the r9 mini module that is compatible with the new taranis xlite or taranis x9lite / x9lite s stations.

It is a fairly cheap system, the standard system with antennas and receiver is worth $ 66 in the horus rc store and r9 mini kit with circular antenna in the module and a receiver is worth only $ 50.



For racing, light x-shaped frames are usually measured with a measurement of 200 to 220 mm from axis to motor axis diagonally. In these assemblies the lowest possible weight is sought. In free style, somewhat larger  frames are used and the weight is not controlled so much since the inertia is also used to do the most complex tricks


Flight controller boards and esc

As I observe on the Horus website, they have some f3 or f4 type flight controller boards that already come with the integrated xm + or rxsr type switch. I personally like the stacks more which is a set of controller board more esc 4-1. I usually use the mamba stack made up of a controller board and 40 A 4-1 esc or the Zeus 722 stack from the Hglrc company that incorporates a Zeus 722 controller board with output for the arm led strips and 60 A esc 4-1 that work very well.

Video transmitters

Among fpv frsky products this company has its own model of video transmitter. The frsky vs600 0 the v600mini these devices have 26 transmission channels, only weigh 4.2g and can transmit in pit mode at 0.1mw and transmit at a normal power of 25mw. The vs 600 also incorporate a microphone to listen to the operation of the drone from our fpv glasses. then there are the best known options such as tbs or trump devices that have a higher cost but their quality is very good. 


Fpv cameras

Among the fpv frsky accessories we don't find fpv cameras at the moment. but there are different brands that have a variety of models and all of these brands are very good: foxeer, caddx or runcam. I personally recommend the foxeer predator micro v4 camera or the runcam razer, the runcam micro Swift also works very well or the caddx tarsier. But everyone can choose the one that best suits their tastes and needs.